Artist Interviews


A Glimpse Into Kaelyn’s Surreal Art

Kaelyn Provost is an emerging nineteen year old artist from Houston, TX. Join Fangz as we take a glimpse into her journey as an artist.

Learn More About Luna & Her Emotional Art

Art Shows


Knowing the Unknown

Peyton Whitfield, only 19 yrs. old and from Houston, weaves subliminal messages into his artwork.

Apple Core Painting

Disassociation at it’s Finest

Unity In Darkness And Depression

Artist Museums


Fangz Museum | ArtByLid with Love

Lindsay, better known as ArtByLid, is an artist who adds a touch of love to her pieces. She often draws inspiration from Adventure Time. Her illustrations have that same element …

Fangz Museum | Delicacy of Dolls

Fangz Museum | Surrealism in People

Project Highlights


Everything, Deconstructed

Instagram artist yyyaaannnnnniiiccckkk creates stunning deconstructions of various characters from pop culture, including Daffy Duck, Garfield, Mario and more!

Explore Hong Kong at Night

Urban Photography in the Philippines

The Concept of Horizons