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Explore Experimental Kinetic Architecture

Dr. Dap Never Studied Anatomy

The Oldest Child In The Playground

Crawling All Over Your Reality

More bad dreams & suffocating thoughts

No Name, Unknown faces


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Joining the Cult of the DARK LORD ESCADA

DARK LORD ESCADA aka Escada Gordon is a 24 yr. old from Detroit who creates on anything from shoes to walls. Learn more about this artist now.

Chaotic Mind Of Colleen

Meet The Bubblegum-Popping Duo Girls Skin

Entering Ghostmode With Matthew

ASHTXNJPEG – The Young Genius

Join The Dark Side With Alex and Sharnelle


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Fangz Museum – Rei

Reilan Schenkelburg otherwise known as Rei is a twenty one year old artist from Lancaster, California who has an abstract style to her art.

Let Your Reflection Show with Shoog McDaniel

Fangz Museum – Victoria L.

A Beautiful Day With Barry Kaplan

Fangz Museum – Andreas Levers

Fangz Museum – Rosehill