A Beautiful Day With Barry Kaplan

Barry Kaplan is an artist from New York whose work seems to have abstraction, pop art, and still life all in one. Taken from viewing different types of glass and vases, his pieces make you think. They are pieces that are supposed to be saying a phrase, word, or even an emotion.
What do these pieces tell you?

Kaplan tries to show words as pictures here, much like the idea of showing flash cards to an infant that says Apple and shows an apple. Yet, these show more intricacy. It’s as if these are adult versions of said baby flash cards.

What’s even more taking is Kaplan’s own words on his site.

A visual idea as opposed to a mental idea, is emotion based. You bring to it what you are feeling at the moment. If your feelings change, your read of a picture may change.

Barry Kaplan. Visual Ideas. Retrieved from https://barrykaplan21modernart.com/

Though Kaplan titles each piece as an interpretation of what the image says, the real title is yours for the taking. He encourages viewers to come up with their own titles, making this experience your own. These aren’t just set in stone images and words, they are whatever you feel they are in that moment.

On Kaplan’s site you can even take a peek at what happens when he makes a piece, in what he calls a Beautiful Day.

His work stems from buying random glass and metal objects from thrift stores and placing them perfectly in his outdoor studio. He reveals here what the secret ingredient is to a Barry Kaplan piece…

With the help of my trusted aide, we construct the sets in which the glass and metal props are placed. Every image that I have created starts its life in this way. The sun is the magical ingredient.

Barry Kaplan. Beautiful Day. Retrieved from https://barrykaplan21modernart.com/

How do these images make you feel? Do you see words, or is there something more?

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