A Broken Angel Should Not Be Messed With

At first glance it can seem as if it’s an eye of someone in deep sorrow, broken beyond repair and no return in sight. However, with further inspection you can see the face of the angel deep in the iris, while it’s wings drape majestically from side to side. The bright red mixed with the void filled black Caik used in this piece speaks volumes in itself, it makes me wonder how she is feeling as an artist. I first saw this piece and I honestly was blown away by the emotions it portrays. Perception is key in this piece, the viewer is the one who decides what they see. An angel in pain can mean a lot of things depending on your belief system. I personally believe an angel in pain is an angel that should not be messed with. I’m left with feelings of betrayal and anger, yet for some odd reason I have a sense of fear. How do you view this piece, how does it make you feel? Let Caik know on Twitter!

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She’s A Broken Angel

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