A Figment Of Your Imagination

An artist who expresses themselves through the open mind of creativity, with no limits is the true artist. What truly is reality when one can create anything on paper? What truly lies behind our mask of reality if we opened it up to our own imagination? Find out how Annie breaks the limits by expressing her true self through the make-believe. 

During this interview we shared a lot with each other, from where she gets her daily inspiration, from Cartoons she watched as a kid. We also shared similar views on how new artists should work hard to reach goals they set for themselves. Being an artist isn’t as easy as some people make it seem to the public. Sure you do what you love, but it can slowly become stressful once it becomes a job. Annie has found her way into the art scene and she is extremely ambitious to reach even further, and you can see her drive in this interview. The future is bright for every single new and upcoming artist that works hard to reach goals they make.

Emotionull: I’d like to start this interview off by asking you how old you are and what you like to go by via the internet?

i’m 18! and i like to go by kidfigment online. it’s cool to call me Annie though.

Emotionull: You’ve explained your art as whimsical realism and a mix of cartoon sort of style, could you go more in depth on that and what made you think of this title?

Basically I incorporate cartoon styles in realistic drawings from the eyes or the colors to add a fantasy-like twist on the ordinary. I’ve been inspired by cartoons ever since I was young and strictly doing realism has never satisfied me. I enjoy drawing what could never be or exist.

Emotionull: What cartoons stick out to you now and days, and what stood out to you as a kid? Also the freedom of art doesn’t limit us to realism. I also find Realism sort of boring at times. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing art but to truly explore someones head is to see what someone can create from their own reality.

I completely agree and I hope I paint a good picture of myself and my ideas in my art. If i had to list all the cartoons that inspired me now and when i was a child the list would go on too long. But ever since I was young cartoons like Ed Edd n Eddy, Ren and Stimpy, and Rockos Modern Life to be particularly influencing because of the colors and eccentric styles. I was also greatly influenced by all the old Hanna Barbera toons, they were one of the first styles i found myself trying to recreate when i was young.

Emotionull: Holy shit all of those were a big part of my childhood as well. I feel like they influenced a lot of kids now and days that are into making art, even if they don’t realize it.

Emotionull: You joined twitter in November of 2014, how long have you been posting art?

I’ve been posting art online before even 2014, I started on different art sites and moved around a lot but I started posting images for art communities to see when I was as young as 13. Then I found Twitter and Instagram and that’s mainly where I reside now!

Emotionull: I know you started selling prints around September, how has that been going and do you plan on releasing prints of unreleased art?

print sales went okay!!! I still have some leftover for sale! I plan on making more prints of newer art when I get my website up and running! which is coming soon hopefully.

Emotionull: I can’t wait to see the new prints! I’m sure everyone else can’t wait either. Also a website would be an amazing goal for you! I think it would help your overall business. That takes me into my other questions. Your art could easily be tattoo illustration or shirt illustrations, have you thought about looking into that?

Thank you so much! Yeah I’ve done tattoo designs in the past! currently working on one for a friend now , and am definitely open for commissions on them. I have a few designs I want on shirts but i think i need to build my following a bit more first , but shirts are definitely on the way!

the beast that rules u. mixed media

Emotionull: Where do you find your motivation for artwork? Your pieces usually have stories in them.

my motivation tends to stem from the world around me and my goal to make an impact with my art. I have always wanted to be taken seriously artistically , so that alone motivates me to keep creating. It’s my dream to turn heads with my artwork, and anything small counts as an impact to me, something as simple as a person thinking fondly about my art after they’ve seen it.

Emotionull: What in the world specifically motivates you and inspires you?

catharsis. mixed media.

the fact that no one is capable of creating the exact same thing , and whatever I make is going to be completely one of a kind. I think our purpose is just creating something no one has before, and speaking about myself through my art.

Emotionull: Do you find it’s always easy to make art? If not what actions do you usually take when you are struggling to create?

I don’t think any artist would say making art is easy all the time , there’s a lot of days where I lack motivation or can’t think up the things I want to. What helps me is just taking a step back and knowing it’s okay to take a break. I always do my best work when I haven’t drawn in awhile.

Emotionull: I fully agree with that. People look at is as a “easy” job instead of working a nine to five but it can be very taxing on ones self getting work out everyday and on time. With you creating art, do you find that it helps you with daily struggles?

oh yeah totally, art has always been an escape for me. I genuinely can’t remember a time when it wasn’t a top priority. I put a lot of personal symbolism’s and messages in my art and it helps me understand myself. No matter what’s going on , I still have that.

Emotionull: Exactly, you’ll always have that and it will stick with you until the future when you can look back on said art. Do you have any advice for new artists that are looking to put themselves fully into it?

I’d say that social media is a huge helper ! just get involved in art communities of all kinds , online or offline. You have to have a good foundation of support to get places in this field , and I’m still working on that too.
Just stay dedicated, and if art makes you as happy as it does me , then it shouldn’t be too hard.

Emotionull: You couldn’t of said it any better, getting involved is a big one, offline and online, it’s great to get involved in art shows/museums. Any artist you’d like to shout out or anyone you suggest we interview/write about?

uuuuugh, I can’t think of any off the top of my head ! but any of the homies from the creative group chat! they are all mad talented and i’m happy to be surrounded by people like them.

Emotionull: Yeah I plan to get to most of the friendly faces there! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions! Anything you’re working on that you can let us know about?

Trying to tweak my style lately! Expect some stuff that’s not usual from me! Working on a website and just trying to get as much art out as I can!!

Emotionull: Perfect, I’m excited! Make sure to let the fangz team know once your website is released! Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with us and get a little insight into the world of Kidfigment.

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