A Glimpse Into Kaelyn’s Surreal Art

Kaelyn Provost is an emerging nineteen year old artist from Houston, TX currently working towards her drawing major and the development of her craft. She creates artwork projecting her emotions through a surrealist style, engaging in colorful aspects created with colored pencils. Join Fangz as we take a glimpse into her journey as an artist.

Oralia: Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you start creating?

Well, I started officially creating art when I was in the eighth grade , but I’ve always had a love for it since I was ten. I had a time period from then to eighth grade when I didn’t draw because I was discouraged on becoming an artist , and eventually I reclaimed my passion because I knew that’s what I love to do and that I was gifted! 🙂

Oralia: It’s great that you embraced your passion for art. You say you were discouraged on becoming an artist, has reclaiming your passion influenced your art differently?

I believe it has, because now I look at it as more than just “creating”, I look at it as an outlet to speak out and express what goes on in my mind and how I visualize my experiences. It gives me a voice to also be a voice for those isolated that seem to have no chance to speak out, hopefully sparking inspiration and hope. So I apply that to my work. It’s also influenced me to be myself and appreciate who I am and not let someone else tell me who I should be to “fit” societal norms, which are rapidly changing as time goes by, so their view of being a proper functioning member of society is very outdated.

Oralia: I certainly see that in a lot of your pieces, your art seems to be very personal. It’s really cool to see you try to be yourself with your art despite others opinions, that alone is very inspiring. Your piece ” Season of Growth” is a self portrait, can you explain the message behind it? Does it represent a particular event in your life?

Ohhh yeah, this piece is very important to me, but even with the title being somewhat self explanatory, my piece shows that gradual process of actually growing and recovering from an unsettling time period. It’s beautifying the actual efforts and even relapses that happen during that time and I definitely had my moments of taking a step backwards, which is fine.

I had a goal and a purpose and a I was going to reach it regardless of if I feel I’m not making any progress. Patience is key and it’s something I’ve had to learn. In this case was getting over an ex boyfriend who didn’t treat me the best, and who possibly fell for the hardest.

Nonetheless, I’ve grown a lot since then but I am still experiencing my setbacks and comebacks, so I’m still in my growth season.

Season of Growth

Oralia: As an artist, I completely understand how emotions, good or bad, can carry some of the best inspiration and just completely take over a piece, it’s really magical stuff, can’t really be described lol. I really love the particular style in your art , it gives off a sense of surrealism, how did you come to adopt that particular style and medium?

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea as to adopting that style. I have a few inspirations of surrealists ( Salvador Dali, Miles Johnston, Troy Brooks, etc.) but I kind of just grew into it. My style has changed a lot over the years but I feel like a big part of my childhood has played a role in my style, imagination runs wild, and it runs wild now lol.

As for the medium, a former teacher and now great friend of mine introduced me to colored pencils (prismacolors). And ever since then I’ve been using them in all my personal work. The blending quality is crazy good but I feel there are more them than I’ve discovered.

Oralia: Surrealism is one of my favorite art styles, so I really appreciate you bringing that in to your with your work! You capture a lot of grace but also play around with the perception of reality, that’s a great combination in my opinion. Is there reason why you mainly portray woman in your work?

Well, being honest, I mainly portray women because that’s all I drew lol, don’t get me wrong though!! I’m all about women because we need it more than anything, especially right now. But honestly, no women are much more easier for me (and gorgeous!) but I don’t know, I’ll consider drawing and practicing males, but make them pretty as fuck!

Last man I drew was an old Frank Ocean drawing and this guy conjoined to another woman. Just never considered men like that, especially the way I would start my drawings, they always came out feminine, and some say I even draw myself (no reference).

Oralia: No that’s perfectly fine lol, your work does reflect a lot of woman empowerment to me. It’s almost your trademark. I can see the progress in your pieces, is there any new art in the works?

After I get these finals out of the way there will definitely be some of my personal work being made into reality. I have had so many ideas that I felt I couldn’t accomplish timely because of my classes and honestly it’ll be great to put out more work. I’ve been feeling bad for not sharing much but then again, I have had a lot I needed to get in check with, my mental health and such. So being able to work for myself again will definitely show through my art.

Oralia: Your art is very connected to your emotions so it’s really great that you look after your mental health above all. You mentioned you have many ideas that didn’t come to be, what is your advice regarding the pressure that comes from being an artist?

Take your time, perfect your work, and don’t be afraid of an idea change! Sometimes you have an idea in mind of how you want it to look and it might come out slightly different, there’s always room for improvements and honestly you’ll probably like the improvements more than the initial idea.

Also do not compare yourself to other artists!! We are a community and sometimes it’s hard to think to think that way when one artist gets more shine and by uplifting each other we can deadass show the world how powerful our work and us as artists are. No need to rush because someone’s posting art weekly or daily, I’m sure they’ve been working on that piece and just haven’t posted yet. Our time will come and as real artists we will flourish, an always get paid for your work!!

When being commissioned, getting paid is a part of the definition, so don’t let anyone try and shortchange you on your hard work or try not to pay at all!!! You worked hard with your mediums and passion, both aren’t cheap so don’t allow others to treat them as such!


Oralia: I couldn’t have said it better myself, Kaelyn thank you for sharing your time with me on this interview!! I had an awesome time getting to know more of who you are as an artist and I can’t wait to see your passion grow! I’m sure it’ll be spectacular. Are there any lingering thoughts you want to get out there before we wrap it up?

It will all work out in your favor in the long run, our time is coming! Thank you so much for having me! I appreciate being here and I hope we can chat again soon!

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