A Night at the Show with Quinn Banks

Quinn Banks is an 18 year old photographer who has interned with the Detroit Free Press. He’s usually photographing crisp, clear and usually bright portraits of people. You could say his usual style either leaves you feeling melancholy or just positive depending on the model and the exposure settings used. However, Quinn also captures very raw in the moment photos.

These raw, emotion filled moments are still presented with the technical skill involved in great photography. The shots still come out crisp and clean, with quality. This photograph of recording artist, Xoey101, is a shot that really brought me to another side of Quinn’s work. His other pieces as I said are very different from this. You see his other work, but you feel this work.

The energy coming from this piece allows you to feel as though you’re there, front stage an center during whatever kind of performance it is. You can create the performance in your own mind from the expressions captured, hear a tune you think fits. Although, it’s not a truly interactive art piece, Quinn captures things that make you feel like you’re interacting with it just because of how it makes you feel and think. What do you feel and think from this shot? Let Quinn know via social media.

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