Ace Virtuous – The Project For Creators

Recently the artist Reverem has been working hard and long to get the community of smaller and bigger artist to work together and meet new artists. With the overall goal being to create a unique set of playing cards, and each card having a different piece of art from a different artist. Currently the project is in the works, gathering the artists and designers and meeting each other. There is a few cards claimed but there is plenty that is open as well. Reverem doesn’t want it to be a make this card and never speak again sort of situation either. Her plan is to truly get artists together and make friends. So far I think it’s been doing a really good job.

In this article I only simply introduce the plan, and as the project molds and progresses, I’ll be sure to keep everyone on Fangz updated with new articles. Currently there is thirty seven open slots for artists to join. With only seventeen cards being taken as of writing this, don’t feel like you’ll be left out! Reverem has a lot of goals for 2019. Be sure to keep up to date with what she is doing via her Twitter.

How do you join the project? Simply DM Reverem and she’ll add you to a twitter group chat and provide you with links to google documents that contain more information and options for you to pick from. I’m very excited to see where this project goes. I personally have already met a lot of new lovely artists who are very kind so far, and I can only hope the same for everyone else.