Adam Had An Apple By Nick Dap

Nick Dap is turning eyes once again with his new piece titled “Adam had an apple.” Made with pencil and transferred into a digital piece, Nick really takes it past bizarre and stands out as an artist with no limits.

Nick Dap’s piece “Adam had an apple” really intrigues me due to the way he executed the piece. This specific piece is made by pencil and digital but the weird twist is seeing what you’re looking at with the digital side of the piece. Nick has a unique style of creating art and using what is around him to expand the piece. I remember seeing Nick sending a picture of his apple headphones and his pencil sketch in an artist group chat we’re a part of. Below you can see the image he sent along with a few more pictures of the sketches used.

When you compare the final piece and the work in progress piece, not only will you see a whole new piece born into the digital world. You’ll also see a familiar intertwined knot from the headphones. Nick mentions he had the image of the apple he took himself, however he didn’t have it on him at the moment. This piece really stands out for his use of items in his surroundings to expand on the piece. “Adam had an apple” can really speak a thousand words, it really depends on the viewer to decide on what they feel.

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Adam had an apple
Pencil & Digital

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