‘Create Until It Consumes You’ with Alëxänder Of X


Alexander is a 21 -year-old freelance artist from Chesapeake, Virginia. Alexander works with oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, and digital art. Creating for about three years, Alexander makes colorful interesting works. Join us as we interview him.

Sharnelle: When did you first start drawing/painting?

I first started painting as a kid, similarly to most people, but I didn’t start taking creating seriously until my freshman year of college (currently a senior at JMU).

Sharnelle: What inspires you to draw and create?

I draw inspiration from everything I do. I listen to some type of music a lot of the time and I always try to pay attention to the patterns and synchronizations happening around me. Of course I am also inspired by my own experiences growing up in America as a biracial human.

Sharnelle: Are you a self-taught artist? How did you go about finding your own style?

I’m entirely self-taught and have been drawing since I was young. My dad would be away on deployment and the mail he’d send me so we could talk as a kid used to have these crazy drawings of cartoons I was watching like Filmore, Dragon Ball, etc. These early images cultivated the cartoon creator in me and up until high school I was drawing entirely developed and known cartoon figures I enjoyed but weren’t my own. While studying in college I’ve veered entirely into another direction and pursued my own style. Admiring and studying artists such as @fifthp0wer, @actionhankbeard, and @deeecreates, along with icons like Basquiat, have allowed me to cultivate my experiences uniquely and in a style that sets me apart from other creators.

Sharnelle: Are you working on any project right now?

Right now I’m working on several different things. My sketchbook is always full of creations as well as my tablet but I’m pretty close to finishing a few different paintings. Excited to share more of the recent creations.

Sharnelle: I notice you use different mediums, from painting to digital. What’s your favorite?

My favorite mediums would probably have to be the more traditional ones like pencil, marker, paint, etc. Digital is interesting and has endless possibilities but in the past I’ve relied on that flexibility within that medium too much and it made me creatively lazy I felt like.

Sharnelle: How would you describe your art style?

My art style is cartoon-like but realistic, perceptually childlike but not immature or childlish. My style seeks to portray commonly known things differently than how they are normally perceived.

Sharnelle: Was it hard starting your artistic journey or did it come naturally for you?

Having created at various points throughout my life to date, it wasn’t hard to pick creating up again once I got into college aside from finding the actual time to develop and practice my craft.

Sharnelle: What would you say to those who want to join the art community and learn to enhance their craft?

Do it. Start creating with whatever materials are around you and at your disposal. Don’t worry about trying to get all the right materials or creating the perfect piece every sitting. Take the time to develop your creation and your own style. Don’t compare your creation to anyone else’s because how you perceive the world and think is one thing no one else on this planet has. Exploit your unique perception and use it to your advantage. What’s meant to happen involving you and your creation will come in its own time, due to your continued practice and dedication to creating.

Gauche // 2ft x 3ft, arcylic paint c. 2017

Sharnelle: That is a great answer. Our minds can work against us sometimes and it’s good to be persistent. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with Fangz. Do you have any shout-outs or anything else you would personally like to add?

Right, my mind is always going in overdrive and overthinking stuff. Thank you for reaching out to me and conducting the interview 🙏🏾 . Just for anyone interested, they can follow me on social media at @alexanderofxyz or visit my website uniidentifiableglobal.com. Other than that, the interview was perfect to me. I really appreciate you!

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