All Eyes On Bailey Unlimited

Today I bring you a very special Interview, with Bailey being a very well known Designer and Artist, it was very cool to sit down and discuss his arts and where he started it all from. From a video game Designer to a well known Artist in the Underground. Grab your popcorn, because we gotta a long one. I really enjoy getting personal with the Artist I talk to on a daily. Bailey being one of the people I’ve met in the underground through DatPizz, he was always a very overall chill guy. He helped me when I asked him questions about getting my Music and Art out there. He’ll help everyone in group chats no matter the question, and man, does he love his Girlfriend. Bailey is a lovable and creative Artist, get to know more about him today.


Emotionull: Hello Bailey, as an artist that is well known in the underground scene with his own unique style, how did you find your way into the cover art/underground scene and form your own style?

I really started like 5 years ago after stumbling into design accidentally. It was something that I had to “find out” I was good at after being enticed to enter something I was making on the side into a county-wide competition. I didn’t go to the award ceremony and my teacher came up to me agitated the next day. She told me that she “got tired of walking up to the podium to accept the awards for me.” I took home 3 awards for entering in 3 categories for: an illustration, faux website, and a logo.

After that I kinda just stopped spending money on shoes and saved up for a little computer. Originally I wasn’t an underground designer I just made some (honestly weak) illustrations for rappers until they shared them and got me some fans, then I started accepting commissions for people who wanted custom work personally.

Emotionull: Damn that’s hilarious and bad ass. Who would of known you had it in you this whole time? That’s why it’s always good to try new things. I bet the designs weren’t that weak either. Do you have images of them still?

Emotionull: You’re mainly known for your digital art and line art. Have you ever been into physical drawing? If so anything you can show us?

Honestly it’s so funny to me. Sadly I wasn’t around a lot of creative people like I am now to tell me I was good. I didn’t value my work at all back then and people used me a lot. It’s okay though I just charged it to the game. I’ve gotten much better, I definitely think I can find the army soldier illustration I was using in a flash game that I never finished coding. I’ll attach it below. I used to draw some concept characters for video games and little doodles on the sides of my paper, I like physical art better, but as far as talent goes I think I got the juice when it comes to digital design. Most of my stuff was like gears of war or call of duty inspired. I wish I could find that blackbook right now.

Emotionull: Holy shit you almost made a flash game? What got you into coding and game design as a kid? Or was it just a step leading into the person you are today? Also it’s funny you said your drawings were video game based because as a kid mine were based around comic books and such. It’s interesting to see what we were getting into as a kid and how we do so.

Emotionull: Were you more interested in video games as a kid or art?

I took classes in high school that taught me most of the adobe programs back then. I got the code to go as far as WASD to move and the space bar to fire the gun. I had some enemy’s illustrated but I couldn’t figure out how to make their bodies react to the projectiles. Basically I just was a huge call of duty nerd and I liked to draw so I kinda met in the middle when I could. Idk. I’m really into drawing but pretty self conscious about it and I don’t really share it. I also loved graffiti for a little while. And yeah, I think we’re a product of our environments, I played baseball so I drew baseballs. I played video games so I drew guns. Just like you read comics and drew heroes! Cool stuff tbh, I miss being a kid hahaha.

Definitely more into video games. My real life friend was sponsored by the headset company Turtle Beach and I often played Call of Duty competitively with him and a bunch of my other friends. I had over two months played of gaming time between multiple accounts on modern warfare 2. It was kinda sickening.

Emotionull: That’s still really good for being able to do that as a kid though you can’t deny that. Also I think we could all agree that we miss being kids, everything was much easier and laid back.

Emotionull: I know you were born in Virginia, are you still living there?

No, I’m no longer in Virginia, but I’m about 10 min across the state line in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I am in Northern Virginia like all the time, though. It’s kinda like living in two states at once haha.

Emotionull: Your name is Baileyultd, which means Bailey Unlimited, what made you think of this name?

It was kinda a breakthrough. I used to be pronounced korea and koreadzn. Cause it’s a play on my last name but, I wanted to be known for being myself, not some weird alias. The added “unlimited” was because at that point in time I had felt like I was limiting myself to just being a cover art designer or whatever, but I knew my capabilities were way less limited than just digital design. So here we are!

Emotionull: I’m glad you decided to switch to bailey, it’s much easier on the tongue. Your portfolio is more than most artist, What keeps you motivated and continue to grind out your art?

To keep it real I’ve thought about quitting a few times but it’ll never happen. Art is one of the first times ive experienced love. I truly love this shit, but when pressures from it weigh down on me I just take hiatuses. I’m gonna make art until I die because it’s my outlet. It’s how I express myself best.

Emotionull: I noticed that about you, I take inspiration from your dedication. You’re an overall nice person to everyone, and multiple people can say the same. Are you the same in real life? Outgoing and open to new friends?

I’ve had the same friend circle since elementary school, I’m really nice one on but sometime I deal with social anxiety in large situations, but I’m learning to handle it well. Overall I’m super friendly, though. If we just met but I’ve talked to you online before meeting is like we just picked up where we left off online. I’d give a stranger my last dollar lol.

Emotionull: You also have skills in brand design and managing artists, Did you learn these skills through making art or in different times?

Ever since I got into design I’ve been engulfed in all aspects of it. Branding and design go hand in hand so I’ve always been interested in how it all ties together. I care about people who purchase commissions from me so I often help them with full on branding, not just one or two cover arts or whatever. I want people to present their art well if my name’s on it because it’s a reflection of my work. Additionally, I plan on one day opening a design firm or some kind of label imprint or something and I just feel like being sharp in that field is important, too! So thus I got into that. I love being a jack of all trades or a renaissance man, I never wished it upon myself to be just good at one thing all my life. I want to be great at everything!

Emotionull: I think you could take the whole field by the balls excuse my language. You have the motivation to keep at it and you’re always trying new things. I also noticed how you take care of your customers very well. You help them all the way down to an Iphone Wallpaper. Can’t say that with much Designers.

Big Baby Scumbag “Metal Gear Solid”

Emotionull: You’ve done some big work for Big Baby Scumbag, how did that come into play? Also what was your favorite Artist to work with?

I’ve just had the mentality that the clients presentation of our work is as important as how good it looks. If it has my name on it I want it to be received well. Honestly, I had been a long time fan of Baby’s since he dropped Jelly and I had reached out to him and we chopped it up on twitter a lot. I guess after a little time he noticed my art and we ended up working on a few projects together. He’s a cool ass dude and I got to meet him while he was out here in DC with Oliver. His music inspires me a ton and he’s an even cooler person.

Emotionull: Damn that must of been really cool to be able to talk and even meet a big inspiration in your life. I can tell there will be a lot more of those moments in life if you continue to grind and keep up the hard work. Any shutouts as well as social media links you’d like to share before the interview is over?

Shoutout to my mom and dad for raising me and not making me quit design when this wasn’t working. Shoutout to my friends for believing in me. Shoutout to this sports bar called Keglers for some fye ass wings. Shoutout to Lil B for teaching me to think positively. Lastly, shoutout to my girl for keeping me grounded. For more you can follow me on my social medias, they’re all @baileyultd – twitter, instagram, soundcloud.

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