Alternative Covers For Some Rap Songs

With the new release of Some Rap Songs by Earl Sweatshirt, a few artists have been creating alternative artwork for this masterpiece of an album. That being said, I follow quiet a bit of artists on twitter and here are a few that specifically stood out to me. Recently I tripped and listened to Some Rap Songs, it gave me an overall manic feel to my trip, but it wasn’t a bad one. It was intense however. That being said, this album feels very psychedelic to me. so these specific alternative covers really stood out to me. Maybe they felt the same way. Leave your opinions below on these pieces!

By Nick Dap

This one speaks to me the most as it fully relays how I feel when listening to the album. I really enjoyed the vinyl layout he applied to it as well, giving it that realistic feel. Find more art by Nick Dap here.

By Kidfigment

I added this one to the list because I really enjoy her cartoon style that she applies to her work, I wouldn’t mind this being the original cover. Very simple yet detailed. Find more art by Kidfigment here.

By Keion Woodson

I actually found this one when looking through other alternative covers, I really enjoyed the one with the smiling face, as again, it relays that sort of manic feel of the album. There was a third image as well, however, these two stood out the most.  Find more art by Keion Woodson here.

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