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Overall we have learned quiet a lot from Serowid starting with his Musuem post, all the way to his Interview. Serowid is a very unique artist, making art that truly helps him. As an artist who works hard and enjoys his craft, I really enjoyed interviewing him, we actually got quiet in-depth into it. Serowid works hard to make his own art extremely Personal as well as Experimental. However, that’s not it. Serowid brings more than art to the table, wanting to work towards writing, such as screen plays and film making.  As a fellow artist I believe he will reach his goals and become more than what he believes he can reach. Serowid doesn’t let where he does art stop him, usually making art in his girlfriends kitchen table or at school, he finds a way and doesn’t let what he has stop him. Sit back and learn a bit about Serowid today.

Emotionull: So we learned a decent amount about you with the Fangz Museum post, could you explain a bit more of your adventures with art as a kid compared to today?

As a kid I was really into story telling; I really only drew illustrations. I remember in fifth grade our teacher made us all write in a journal, sort of like a diary, but he let a few friends of mine and I draw in it instead of write.
Back then I only drew comics and illustrations for stories; I didn’t experiment with painting or using any other medium until I was a junior in high school.
Now my art has a lot more to do with the world we live and my personal experiences and emotions; I’m still trying to find that imagination I had when I was younger though.

Emotionull: What a good teacher, we need more teachers or at least to rework the schools to let kids learn and do what interests them along with the normal work needed. I also think we all always have that imagination we did as a kid, it just takes a bit longer to find it when you’re older.

Emotionull: Where do you plan to take your artwork and have you made any progress with these goals?

I really want to branch out into different mediums such as screen writing and film making; I think films are my biggest inspiration, I absolutely love movies. But for now I want to hone in on learning/ practicing new techniques and really grow as an artist and ultimately grow as a person.

Again currently my main goal is to be the best artist I could possibly be, but also be really knowledgeable. i really want to learn and practice as much as I can; I’ve definitely made progress, but I know I have have much more to make.

Emotionull: Screenwriting would be a lot of fun, I’m writing a story in my free time, it’s always a smart idea to pick up side hobbies, you never know what you’ll learn from then and where they will take you. Art in any form is art and you should be proud of it. Let me know if you ever publish some screen plays!

Emotionull: You described your art as Experimental and Personal, could you go a bit more in depth on that?

Will do! i really like to try out different styles and techniques (i’m always trying to learn new things) so that’s why i would consider my work experimental. I also wouldn’t have any other way of classifying my artwork.

And again art for me is really personal; I have a internal battle between making artwork appealing to others but also just making it for myself. recently I’ve begin to really appreciate just making artwork for the sake of making artwork ( and just for myself to see).

Mainly my artwork deals with personal ideas, my emotions, and how i take in everything. I’m really big into the subconscious and the whole stream of consciousness.

Emotionull: I fully agree, when learning and creating art it truly is all an adventure, there is hardships and there is big achievements, I believe with strong will and dedicated to your craft, anyone can meet the goals they set out for themselves. I feel as if art helps a lot of people emotionally even if they don’t fully realize it. Music helps people when they are feeling down, art does the same. You just gotta find the right style for you.

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Emotionull: Could you describe your thought process during this work in progress and where do you see the piece going from there?

I absolutely agree. With that piece i was really thinking about genes and hereditary; how we can inherit things from our parents and such. I used symbols such as the egg and the etching of the squares are a representation of cells. Again this is where it begins to become personal because these symbols are recognizable to me and i know their meaning, but someone else may see it in a completely different way.

I feel this piece is close to being finished, but i plan on glazing it and adding more tones, as well as trying to give it more depth.

Emotionull: What usually do you prefer to work on when creating?

I really like the traditional process; using a canvas or paper with an easel, but recently I’ve started exploring digital art i really like it. It’s really convenient and not having to clean up everything is a plus.

Emotionull: Do you have any examples of the Digital Art? Digital Art is definitely different, it has a whole different process you have to get use to compared to paper and pen or canvas and paint.

These are some of the digital art i have done & there’s definitely a learning curve.

Emotionull: Damn I really like those, how do you do the water color sort of feel?

I’ve been trying my best to keep a traditional feel to my digital world, mainly using custom brushes or soft oil brushes and blenders.

Emotionull: I think you’re hitting it spot on, the one with the house in it feels as if it’s a real watercolor painting, which is really cool.

Emotionull: Do you have a designated spot to make art? if so what does it look like? 

Thanks man I appreciate it! I actually don’t have a designated spot; I usually do most of my work at school or at my girlfriends house (On her kitchen table); I really would like to have my own space like a whole room just to do art in though, that would be the dream.

Emotionull: Don’t let that discourage you. I make art from my bed, no shame in where you make it. Work hard and you’ll make it there in no time.

Emotionull: I mentioned the piece “Bacteria Asesina” because it’s currently the one that stood out to me the most, could you describe your thought process with this specific piece?

That’s actually my favorite piece. Bacteria Asesina means killer bacteria; I won’t say much more on that, but it was mainly a reflection on how fragile and how non-complex (biologically) human kind is.

Emotionull: Wow that’s amazing, I knew there was a reason that one stood out to me a lot more. 100% one of my favorite pieces by you. 

Emotionull: With that being said we really have gone over a lot, any closing thoughts or possibly a shout out you’d like to give?

Thank you! I definitely wanna shout out @fangzmedia and you my dude @em0tionull for giving artists an amazing platform. Also I would like to thank anyone else who’s supported me before as well, y’all the best.

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