BeccaLynn – Butterfly World

BeccaLynn is a 23-year-old self taught artist with a passion for all things sunny and flowery. She has a brand called Sunflower Souls. Recently she has started a series titled Butterfly World in which she presses butterfly carcasses with pressed flowers into many different beautiful items you can purchase. These butterfly bodies were acquired cruelty free by a sanctuary.

These photos captured my eyes due to the nature. I myself am very much into flowers, plants, and nature of all kinds. Especially because since growing up ’til now, my mother takes care of and tags monarch butterflies every summer. So I’ve personally had my fair share of butterfly encounters.

These decor pieces are absolutely beautiful, especially on a bright summers day. This is a must for any flower, plant, butterfly, or nature freak. Most of these pieces have already been bought on her site, as everyone is mesmerized by this series.

BeccaLynn is the epitome of flowery forest nymph vibes, and even if you can’t snatch yourself one of these pieces, it is still a beautiful series to admire and look at. It reminds you of your natural surroundings. Perhaps this is a sign to get a house plant, or rather to water that starving house plant you forgot was on the window sill downstairs.

Jokes aside, this project is a must see for nature lovers.

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