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Fangz is back once again bringing you closer to your favorite artist, with this interview we were lucky enough to get a hold of AstroBoy, a graphic and fashion designer. AstroBoy got into art by drawing Naruto characters and other human figures like most artistic children do. However, three years ago his mother purchased a laptop, and this is when he first got into art by cracking Photoshop. Even though he couldn’t use the laptop as often as he would have liked as a kid when he had the chances he went hard and learned what he needed to get better at his crafts. From there he made his way into the Call Of Duty community and worked his way up the ladder from there. Today AstroBoy makes a TON of different art styles, ranging from fashion design, cover art, digital drawings, and logo design. Sit back and get to know the UK artist AstroBoy.

Emotionull: Let’s start this off now and simple to break the ice, I already know all this information, but for the readers, what is your name? Where are you from? As well as when did you start making art?

My Name is Astroboy I’m from United Kingdom but is born in Malta, I made art all my life but not always digitized. I was into drawing Naruto characters at first. I progressed and sketched humans and celebrities but I was 10 and mostly into games like Black Ops and Minecraft. I had always had intentions of doing graphics but I never had the money, So 3+ years ago my mother bought a laptop but I could only use it a little now and again. I cracked photoshop, and I learned on my own, I also met people in the GTA Stunting Community. I had a few friends that helped me know how to learn and get used to photoshop.  So from there I went straight into cod community and tried my best to make it to the top but unfortunately I never did.  I met friends I still chat to this day. I left with really no intentions other than progressing, so I saw artists I fucked with and talked to them, at the time that was my inspiration. I posted every day for 4-5 months; I had a crazy amount of motivation. From there is when I grew, I built my unique style that changes the game in the art scene. I’m not a designer or an artist, I’m a director, I see the bigger picture towards art and figure out different ways to make every piece different. 

Emotionull: Wow, you’ve really been around the block, You’ve been making art for 3+ years, has there been any hardships during these 3+ years?


I still have hardships to this day I still haven’t been able to hit my breakthrough into mainstream art but when that happens I will know everything has worked my way. I always have goals but I will not say I’m slept on because there is a lot of other amazing artists who haven’t had their breakthrough yet, when I find my opportunity I’ll take it with no regrets.

Emotionull: That’s a very good way to look at it. Work hard and you’ll receive what you put in. I enjoy your point of view there. As an artist that has his toes in so many things, does it ever get overwhelming?

Honestly in my place it never is or never will be overwhelming. There’s always new software and techniques that can be learned.

Emotionull: That brings me to my next question, any tips for new artists entering the scene?

Tips I’d give to new artists is to be original with everything take new approaches to art and develop different ways to show what your art is about, because at the end of the day theirs a couple friends but most times you’re in a competition you need to focus on you and your art.

Emotionull: Out of all your pieces, which was your favorite to design?

So these are probably my best pieces in my eyes, the hard work and struggle to make these were crazy, doing all of these pieces had a whole different meaning towards my style of art. My AF1 that spins gave a new taste to what shoes could be, and it was a unique way to show off my design. I had to recreate that design over 40 times to get every angle. the ASAP rocky testing piece was me getting better at manipulations since that one piece alone took me a whole week as well, due to not knowing anything about manipulations. same with the Playgirl Carti piece, that whole hand including the tattoo was manipulated from just a picture of Playboi Cartis wrist so I had to pick up the pieces on my own, and the drawn piece was one of my designs that actually got recognized by the artists plus it was my first Wacom tablet piece.

Emotionull: Which style of art is your favorite? (Photography, Drawing, Graphic Design, Clothing Design.)

My favorite type of work to do has to be clothing, I invent new ways to create clothing in productive ways that I plan to recreate in life.

Emotionull: I know you use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Cinema. How long did it take you to learn these programs and get them down? Any tips for newer artist trying to learn these programs?


Honestly best way is to look on YouTube but always credit the artist, or mess around with stuff and try to find your way around the program.

Emotionull: Any last words or shout-outs?

Yea shout-out to fnta and my clothing shit that is in process and Emotionull for the interview.

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