Traveling the Lines with Brandon Hayes

I recently contacted Brandon Hayes, a 19 year old artist from Detroit, MI for an interview. He often uses inking pens and conte crayon for his pieces but his selection of mediums also include charcoal, pencil, and even digital via Photoshop. With these mediums he often uses brilliant line work and stippling skills. As we travel along his lines, we’ll learn more about what brought him into the world of art and where he plans to land.

Lemon: So first, thank you for taking some time out for this interview. Second, who are you? Tell me about yourself.

My name is Brandon Hayes, I like to make art been doing it all my life. I started doing it when I was little just because it was fun; like I’d just draw random things like once I made an entire card game. No rules for the game, I just liked drawing the little characters.

Lemon: That’s pretty dope. I never made a card game for fun, but I had to in school before for my art class. What kept you on the path to keep creating?

Well, then I kept doing little things like that until I got good at it. When I got a little older, me growing up watching a lot of cartoons and anime really made me think like wow I want to do that. So thats when I started drawing for real anytime I could like on the desks, restaurant menus, and my classwork. Then my mom got me into this art school, Arts Academy in the Woods, by the way its not actually in the woods thats just the name.

Lemon: Did going to an art high school change your perspective on art in any way? Do you feel like it helped you evolve as an artist at all?

Well, when I was there that’s when I learned a lot of how to actually make good art and not just doodles or characters. It’s also where I found out about digital art and things like that. But to be honest, I don’t think I started to take my art seriously until after high school.

Lemon: Well, what do you mean by that? Could you elaborate a little?

Like I always knew that art was a form of expression or at least that’s what I would hear, but I never really understood tat until college. One of my college art professors had looked through my sketchbook and I was trying to show her this one piece I really liked that had color and everything was pretty good. She was drawn to this one little doodle on the back of another drawing instead. She said it conveyed a lot of emotion in it and that she could see it in my pen strokes. It really opened my eyes because before when I had drawn things I’d be like that look cool, I’d buy it and be done. But after that I kind of looked at my art differently.

Lemon: That’s pretty cool that she could see the emotion where you couldn’t at first. I noticed you use line prominently and stippling quite a lot, is there any particular reason that lines, patterns, and dots are a huge part of your style? And now that you look at your art differently, what do you usually feel as you create?

Um well, I gain a lot of inspiration from different artists and concepts like Dominic Depeyre, Takashi Pom, and James Jean and more things nut it varies on the piece. And I say this a lot but I don’t think I really have a style but like everyone else seems to see a pattern in it other than what mediums I use. I also don’t really have a reason as to why I use those certain things other than I like them. When I create things, I rarely have a certain emotion I’m trying to convey but I’ll look back on them and notice things almost like I subconsciously conveyed these emotions I can’t identify or even know I have. I really like it though because I learn new things about myself with every drawing and usually its other people that notice these things and point them out to me and I’m just kind of like OH I DIDN’T KNOW THAT ABOUT MYSELF.

Lemon: I really appreciate that you can see it as learning something about yourself. I’m an artist too and I kind of feel the same way when I create, like I don’t have intentions to convey things, it just happens. What’s one example of something you learned about yourself from a piece?

Well, I can’t really put it into words well but like in a lot of my drawings there is a theme of hiding emotion so I learned that I need to be more expressive. Which is what I’m working on.

Lemon: So you’re kind of growing from your art as you continue to make it? What’s your end goal with art?

It can be put that way, that I’m growing from my art, I guess. My end goal, I guess, is to make art that I enjoy and that others can appreciate and possibly make a living from it.

Lemon: I really enjoyed the energy you gave and that you really made this feel like I was traveling through your process with how you’ve come to the point you’re at with art. Thank you again for this interview and giving your time to me, as well as Fangz Magazine. Is there anything you’d personally like to add, any thoughts or shout outs? And lastly, where can I find your pieces online?

Thanks, I had a great time and I appreciate you guys wanting to interview me. Also, you can follow me on Instagram linked here.

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