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Kingastatine sits down with COOLYEAH to get close and personal about his own spiritual believes and his journey towards making art as a livable career. With his intense twist of modern and abstract art, COOLYEAH produces a crazy twist on a new Experimental type Pop Art. COOLYEAH doesn’t only make visual art. He also makes music and sells beautiful clay pieces on his Etsy shop HAPPYMONDAY.

ASTATINE: For the first question, what inspires you when lacking motivation?

The fear of not being productive on a daily basis is what pushes me to make most of my stuff, watching my friends consistently make new stuff is a good motivation too. i feel myself getting old and i need to use all of my free time on creating to make me feel better about the future.

ASTATINE: I feel you on that 100%, you also kinda answered my second question already but imma ask it anyways just in case; is there anything in particular that made you want to pursue art?

Not really, just kinda fell into it super young, I always liked looking, listening, reading, and playing with things. as I get older I go from being a consumer of those things to a creator of those things.. I think everybody should naturally fall into doing those things.

ASTATINE: That is definitely a very good outlook for art, or even life as a whole, on to my next question; do you happen to find art to be a “Spiritual Current”?

I think every aspect of existence is a spiritual current.

ASTATINE: Definitely very accurate, I’m curious, what is your belief system?

No idea lol, I seem to agree and disagree with a little bit of most ideologies, try to connect the pieces of all cultures and their philosophies and see what the bigger picture feels like. I grew up with Navajo culture so I’m always leaning towards the spiritual side of things, my opinion of this stuff always changes as I’m gaining more knowledge, but I guess the short answer is spiritual, lol.

ASTATINE: Your art style intrigues me, what is your thought process when you work on art?

I don’t really have one, I try to think of one concept and then I work around it not knowing how its gonna turn out. I just try not to do something that someone else hasn’t already done, or at least build and expand on something that already been done if i have to. There is no formula I follow or anything. most of the time I just slap shit together and move it around till its comfortable for your eyes to look at. Most of the time I’m thinking about the project i need to do next while I’m already working on something. Once I think of a cool concept I can work with, I just go for it. The easy part is making the art, the hard part is thinking of the next idea.

ASTATINE: Very interesting, i do the same honestly, I can never make the piece how I originally intended though. As for the next question; Do you use art to help others mental states? (for example using colors that specifically alter moods.)

Not really, but if my art can make people slightly happier or motivated in some way, shape or form then thats good enough for me. Everything I do is purely experimental but within my own boundaries to maintain a specific feel or aesthetic that I cant describe. I hope I answered your question..

ASTATINE: What is the biggest goal you’ve set for yourself and have conquered thus far pertaining to art and what do you hope to achieve with art?

This is the scary question, I’m scared to set a goal because i don’t want to fail. All I know is that I don’t want to have a job for the rest of my life. I don’t have many interests or skill outside of art related things so I might as well put all my eggs in one basket and pursue a self-sustaining art career. Creating is the only thing I feel like I’m interested in so I’ll do just that. It’s either that or selling drugs and I hate selling drugs, Walmart isn’t an option. being self sustainable is the only thing I’m worried about at the moment, After I feel self sustainable that’s when I’ll probably start helping other artists to become self sustainable so we can continue to cycle. Nobody deserves a job like Walmart. If we can all be sustainable on each other art and circulate our own wealth, we can take down the powers that be.

ASTATINE: Where are you located?

Phoenix, AZ

ASTATINE: how old are you?


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