Detachment and Growth in Blue

‘separating yourself from people is painful’

I came across this art on Twitter by user and artist known as Blue, or @lovibz. This is a piece that speaks to me, and I am sure speaks to others, so I am here to talk about it.

We already know what this piece is saying by the caption, separating yourself from people is painful. But let’s talk about that.

It is painful. Very much so. Whether it be breaking up with someone, drifting apart from your childhood best friend, and many more different situations. We as humans are very social and emotional beings that rely heavily on a society. On other people and team work. Having someone always there for you to trust, as well as them being able to trust you.

We may feel all alone once these important people have left our lives. It may feel like someone took your lifeline away from you, stabbed you in the chest.

But I think this is also saying something important, when we feel these painful feelings. Something some of us have yet to accept and or master.

Negative feelings are warning signals. Our body sensing a threat or a danger. Whether it be a logical threat or not. Loneliness seems to be one of the greatest threats out there in the west.

We have lived with others for so long, we have forgotten about our own personal being. You forget to think about yourself, and how your life is going for you minus other people. We want love from others, but what about self love? Though the craze and trend of self care may sound corny at this point, it still has it’s place and might always, so long as we suffer from needing other people to feel whole.

This art by Blue may be a sign for you to allow yourself to feel the pain of separating from someone, but also to learn and realize you need to be there for yourself and grow as an individual as well.

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