Detectives of the Cyberpunk World

Get a glimpse into the future with Kristoffer Brady’s project that explores the typical desk of a Cyberpunk detective.

In the description of this of this project, Brady tells us that this series is a combination of his love of the Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi and Noir genres. In this stunning set of renders, it’s very clear how each of those elements have come together to create a unique look into what the future could potentially hold for policing.

I absolutely love the various UI (user interface) elements that can be seen around the desk in some of the shots. In some cases these rise from the desk, being projected in as holograms, enabling the detectives to see their work in a 3D space.

Another aspect of this project that I love are the mugshots of the various suspects that can be seen scattered around the desk, and then up close. It’s fascinating to see Brady’s take on the classic bio-hacked criminals that are a staple of the Cyberpunk genre. We can see the also classic hardware modifications on the various suspects in these shots.

For me, this one of my favorite projects that I’ve looked at in a long time, and I’m really hoping for more!

If you’re also wanting to see more, I highly recommend you check out Kristoffer’s various accounts, including; Behance and Twitter. You can also find the full NOIR I project here!

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