Exploring The Mind Of DreamSoulja

I’ve done a lot of interviews in the past but nothing really matches the openness and honesty I got out of DreamSoulja, with his experimental art he’s already trying to break new barriers and push positive messages. His art is extremely real, as well as him self being a really down to earth guy. Join Fangz in the journey diving into DreamSouljas mind.

Emotionull: What do you like to go by?


Dream Soulja Picture
DreamSoulja Loving A Cute Dog

Emotionull: How did you get into the underground scene?

i don’t really consider myself in any scene per say, i just create & release these creations to the universe feel me

Emotionull: I respect that, it’s how it should be, just create and enjoy the art.

Emotionull: Whats your best piece in your opinion?

i haven’t created my best work yet tbh. everything I’ve done so far is equal to me. they’re like the seasons of nature. they teach you different lessons and are unique & special in their own way, yet they are all one if that makes sense.
however, “propaganda: by human” is the rawest/realist in my opinion lmao

Emotionull: It’s funny you say that, that piece is one that stood out to me a lot. I’ve caught myself staring at it a few times. What was your thought process while making it?

yeah, if u just peep the visual n keep it moving, ur not gonna receive the real message[s]. yet if u take the time to analyze it & submerge yourself w it, u could easily learn something that could change your life,mindset or perspective of this world.
but tbh i don’t have any thought process in any of my pieces, everything truly is organic, experimental and free-hand. i just put my pen to the paper and see what happens. sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. nothing is pre-meditated @ all, the message & intent just come to me as the art itself is created.

DreamSoulja Art Piece

Propaganda: By Human

Emotionull: Preferred Medium? (What way do you enjoy making art the best.)

rn, just ink. my last few pieces did include a lot of colored pencil as well. however I’ll be getting into acrylics more & painting in general. aside from that, photography & writing do come quite natural to me.

Emotionull: Where do you get your inspiration?

inspiration comes from within. i really don’t seek it externally, more so internally. i have so much to express it’s just a matter of bringing it to fruition in a way that isn’t forced. but when i do seek inspiration from another source other than myself, it would be from nature or just seeking truth period.

Emotionull: You have a very positive outlook on life, how do you continue to hold that outlook?

i don’t always tbh. I go through my own phases mentally & spiritually. @ times i feel I am pure love, light & truth. as we all should be. like a innocent child. when all I want is to change the world for the better. & yet sometimes I am filled with so much anger & hatred for this same world I wish it would collapse & everything dies. it’s a matter of recognizing, accepting & understanding the emotions & feelings that pass through you and teaching yourself to stay balanced internally.

Emotionull: I respect that response. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize real emotions in the moment unless you’re really thinking about them or you’re aware of them. 

You express a lot of positive vibes which we need more of in the world. I respect that you keep up with it and help others.

Emotionull: How long have you been making art?

exactly. we don’t take the time to truly think and reflect, were always distracted. & when I was a lil jit i created 100+ page books of characters on every page and all I did was draw. but as got i older I fell back and started skateboarding, getting into photography, graphic design etc. i was always creating, just in phases of different forms. after several years, I would only draw when I would make my family cards for their birthdays. but as I got older I contemplated what I really wanted to do with my life, and came to the conclusion that all I want to do is create & leave something special on this earth. so I started making art more consistently and releasing it this year tbh. [2018]

Emotionull: I’m glad you found your meaning in life, sometimes it takes other people time to find it, However, everyone has at least one meaning for being on this earth. We must follow these dreams or we truly aren’t living.
Emotionull: Any artists that you’re proud of making art for or plan to make art for?

im just appreciative of artists who hit me period Bc my style doesn’t have mass appeal. it’s very original & experimental. i respect those who respect that. & i like to keep that kinda mysterious so nobody knows what I’m up to or what to expect from me. that’s just me tho lol

Emotionull: I know you’re dealing with lawyer fees, is there any way for people to support you?

most definitely ! I’d appreciate the love. either through copping my canvases,original pieces, prints or commissions !

Emotionull: Social Media links?
I also know you can cop art from you on ArtPal, however is there any other platforms?

yeah my work is also for sale on artmajeur & tictail. everything @ dreamsoulja. just google my name & everything will come up. my website will be dropping soon fyi ! 

Emotionull: Any shout-outs or anyone you suggest we interview or review?

i just wanna shout out love,peace & unity. we can create a better future if we all put our minds & hearts to it ! & tbh just shed light on those who need & deserve it ! whose work is truly different & has a real purpose.


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