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Recently a fellow member of the Fangz team Kigetsu Yen sat down and interviewed SCARECROWHOUSE, an artist who has more skills than you may see from the outside. From video editing, photography, and music it self, ARTHOUSE really has it strapped down. follow Fangz as we learn about ARTHOUSE and where he got started.


Kigetsu Yen: So Art House, Tell me a little about yourself?
How did you get into creating art?

ARTHOUSE: Since kindergarten I’ve always had a strong calling to the arts in multiple avenues. That’s why I pride myself on being a jack of all trades. Being from Brooklyn NYC our school systems have mandatory art and music classes that teach what in the south is advanced music theory so I was musically trained by middle school and I used to also be in a marching band so that help me refine my musical skills but it’s in middle school in NYC that I learned the basics of video editing.

ARTHOUSE: No matter what as a kid I wanted to be in arts whether it be me being an actor, photographer, DJ, videographer or a full-blown musician. I was in NYC from 97-10 so when I moved from NYC to NC I got into the first studio environment I’ve been around ever and made my SoundCloud in 2012 and I was recording straight off my phone to beats I had playing in the background.

ARTHOUSE: @KamiFonzo is who I have my first real track with because he’s the one that got me into the studio and we’ve been fam ever since. He lived w me and we roommates rn.
ARTHOUSE: I started getting into videography because my friends needed their videos shot and with me directing plays in theater class I took up the roll to edit/film a majority of my music videos and other videos from #SCARECROW6.

ARTHOUSE: through working with @andrew__lost I ended up filming a music video for @CHXPO not too long ago and I’ve filmed live shows for #SHWB @7WIFIGAWD7 & Black Kray.

Kigetsu Yen: What inspires you to create on a day to day basis?

ARTHOUSE: Everyday experiences, I intake a lot of different forms of media and combine them together to get what I have as an end product. Anime, Music, Old Movies. There’s a new generation every four years or so and with me having extensive knowledge of the past like the 40s and up media wise I have a wide range of things I draw influence from.

Kigetsu Yen: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as an artist?
And how has that effected your artsy?

ARTHOUSE: I can’t say it’s just one piece of advice that just is the best, but I’ve received a lot of good advice in the realms of a work ethic from people like Cole Bennett and nessely. They really talked to me about how much work they actually have to do within a certain time frame and that really helped me comprehend the severity of a solid work ethic. I also opened up for @idkjeffery & @XavierWulf and in speaking to them in an undisclosed area I asked Jeffery as an up and coming photographer what’s some tips and he told me just be original. Do shit other niggas haven’t because that’s how he did it. So I went on Tumblr analyzed the photography in 35mm which is what I specialize in and I went from there to start taking pictures and getting pictures of me taken orchestrated how I wanted it to look.

Kigetsu Yen: What projects are you working on now?

ARTHOUSE: I’m currently diving into a 35mm binge of photography that will be released as prints. Visually I have two videos I’m gonna drop as an extended film very soon and on a note of music I’m chainsaw juggling 3/4 projects rn that could drop at the flick of a switch. When it comes to music I try to remain as progressive as possible working with new and up and coming artists & producers while also working tightly with my collective #SCARECROW6 which includes myself @KamiFonzo @Diplorian @CharlieMQuiros @MVRXXN @PLUSMXRC & more. My next big visual piece should be around December. I was born in the winter and since it’s my favorite season I like to jam pack it with as much of my art as possible.

Kigetsu Yen: Any final thoughts? Now that we’re coming towards the end of the interview.

ARTHOUSE: Yo yo yo last words shout out Emotionull and you for having me. Shout out scarecrow6, shouts out my weed man without him i definitely wouldn’t be doing any of this shit as peacefully as I do. And lastly but certainly not least BE YOURSELF. Originality is a bitch to come by nowadays but when I hear something new I love it so please remember that. I appreciate y’all for having me. It’s 9:A.M. and I’m plotting on my next figurine cop today, might be Vegito. But until next time it’s ART HOUSE, EAT YA HEART OUT.

ART HOUSE Work Table

Kigetsu Yen: Awesome man I have to say I really enjoyed getting more insight on your background.
Your hard work and dedication will pay off, you have a solid work ethic and I’m pretty sure that other artist will learn a lot from you.

ARTHOUSE: Thanks, yo I really appreciate having the ability to chop it up with you mane. Y’all really have a great blog and I hope we get to speak later.


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