Fangz Museum: #1 – Illegal Alien

As you know Fangz recently started, and we’ve been working hard to release content. Today is the beginning of our new installment called Fangz Museum, which is basically a cool way of saying Fangz Showcase. We’ll be sharing Art that sticks out to the Fangz team or Art that you suggest for us to cover! You can always suggest artists or contact us in general via the Contact Page.

With that being said, I’d like to get started by first diving into Illegal Aliens Art. I found this talented individual from him tweeting his art via one of our tweets. From what I’ve seen he seems to really have his own style, he also seems to be pretty laid back judging by this amazing video advertisement.

A specific piece that really stood out to me was his interesting use of skateboard decks. I myself use to skate a lot so I really enjoyed that he got out of the box of using canvas and used things around him. With his unique bluish purple background assisted with two faces, one putting up the hand gesture for Love.


However, that’s not it, his art and his skills go much further. Illegal Alien also has a clothing shop which seems to actually have a decent amount of high quality pieces for sale. I highly recommend checking it out and maybe supporting Illegal Alien. My favorite piece of clothing he has for sale would have to be the “FRESH HOT N’ READY
His style really reminds me of Ralph Steadman when it comes to his more finer line pieces. Except he still has a really unique style.

I hope to hopefully do an interview for Illegal Alien soon if we both find some time, however for now you can find him via Twitter which also includes a lot of his art. 

If you have any Artist you think should be in Fangz Museum please visit the Contact Page and give us a message!


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