Fangz Museum #13 – Ghostly Pixels

Sebastian Scott, also known as Ghostly Pixels, is a talented artist, illustrator and collage creator I’ve been following for a long time. He’s nineteen years old and based in Mexico City. Every single time he posts anything to do with his artwork, I’m always blown away. When asked when he first created artwork, he said this:

“I’ve always kinda doodled since I can remember, but I started taking art seriously about 3 years ago, when I was 16.”

Ghostly Pixels

From his beautiful and often surreal illustrations, to the stunning analogue collages he creates, Ghostly Pixels never fails to impress with his work.

Take a look at some of Ghostly Pixels’ work below!

New Worlds
Changing Values
The Hunt
Crash Landing
Gloomy Serenity

As you can see, Sebastian has an ability to turn his hand at any style he desires, with the outcome always being spectacular. I highly recommend that you get to know Ghostly Pixels and his work from his social medias below.

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