Fangz Museum #15 – B.Buzz Photography

Roberta Drabaviciute, also known as B.Buzz Photography, is a very talented photographer and a good friend of mine. She has an ability to capture every detail in everything she points her lens at. From vibrant portraits and cinematic action shots, to moody noir photography and projects detailing the daily pressures facing women everyday, B.Buzz Photography is second to none at bringing you into her world.

In this edition of Fangz Museum, I’ve purposely selected works from her diverse portfolio to show you the huge range of styles that she works with!

“The body has always been one of the central themes of photography. I explore the female body, social constructs and the objectification of women.

Delve into the depths of the outlook of the female body and investigate rape culture and the spawn of it. The apparent veracity of the photographic medium encourages images of the body to be read as
reflections of personal and social identity, gender, sexuality and society.

Our understanding and relationship with photography is influenced by the use of text and language. I want to find an article that clearly defines the growth of sexualisation and objectification of the female form.

Furthermore, I also had inspiration from the works of Francesca Woodman, to show the body, cropped tightly so as to not identify, and show a contorted, damaged, pulled, twisted up parts of the body. This more so to demonstrate the ability to morph into what is required instead of what is and the genuine pain of being a woman having to fit a certain quota or standard set.”

B.Buzz Photography – via Instagram

As you can see from the works shown above, Roberta really does have an uncanny ability to jump from style to style with ease, all whilst being able to provide brilliant shots for each!

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