Fangz Museum #17 – Logan Hall

I recently reached out to Logan, a twenty-year-old artist on twitter from California who has a wild and maniacal feeling to his art. Logan explains his art as being a representation of how he sees his own reality/environment. He feels as if it embodies his love for nature and its imperfections we’ve all come to know and love. Logan mentions how everything around us is abstract, with constantly experiencing growth, decay and rebirth. The earth is an ever changing art piece always displaying new emotions and changing its composition, Logan explains how as an artist, he enjoys observing the ever changing art piece that is the earth and appreciate it’s simple yet complex beauty in full form to share the beauty through his art.

Below is a few pieces of Logan’s art that specifically stood out to me.

Reaching Hidden Sky

I really enjoy art by Logan because of his passion and style. His art is a perfect mix of abstract and expressionism. With those being two of my favorite art styles this artist really stood out as being a special one. If you enjoy his art work, you should follow him on social media linked below. Also leave your comments on what you think about the art!

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