Fangz Museum #19 – Bloody Nxse

Cover Photo By Chris

As Fangz tries to expand out and find more forms of art, we enjoy ourselves some good photography, I recently reached out to Bloody Nxse, a member of Everyone Cries. He is twenty years old and from Broward County, South Florida. he has been doing photography for about a year, his work really stood out because of its intense use of fiery emotions. Usually focusing on the darker color schemes when he is feeling depressed and the more colorful uplifting ones when he feels happy. He mentions how most of his shots reflect on his emotions that day, which really brings you closer to him as an artist and give you an inside look inside his head. They usually have an overall scary or mystical feeling to them as well which I enjoy.

I asked Bloody Nxse to send a few pictures through of his work and maybe explain them. Below are a few pieces by him and some words to go along with it. Enjoy.

This one got a good story, so me and my boy Little Knife (also from Everyone Cries) were going to my boy BabyG’s house to shoot this artist Lil Woke. When we got there I was shooting this scene outside and literally we had the worst conditions ever, from bad weather to horrible (like really horrible) lighting but i still snapped. Also shout-out Little Knife, I love that kid.

This one was taken on a balcony on South Beach and I didn’t even mean to snap this hard I was just taking pics for this lil clothing event.

This ones one of my favorites, its a picture I took of my girl and it was super random. I was off an edible and was like “babe get naked I have an awesome photo idea” and she’s like “bet.”

“American cycle of life”
Lil Knife

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