Fangz Museum #19 – Sighfaulty

Sigh is a particular Everyone Cries artist you should keep your eyes on, with his skills stemming from his love for World Of Warcraft & making silly skit videos and PvP montages in the past with Photoshop, he slowly made his way into the art scene and gradually learned with his program of choice. Since growing up in the middle of nowhere, Sigh often watched his cousin mess around in Photoshop and listen to music while other days he would hang out with his cousin in the other room They would often paint and listen to a whole different side of music. Truly giving Sigh a diverse introduction into the art scene, letting him dive into what makes him happy. While talking to Sigh he mentions his name “Sigh Faulty” came from him always feeling like his brain has wired incorrectly, that’s where faulty came from. The sigh expression gave it a more melodic feel to it as well he says. He even recently got “Sigh” tatted on his knuckles.

Sigh faulty has a specific process when making art. He mentions how he needs an emotion, or a feeling to build upon when creating. He explains how he often struggles with the fact he has got a great idea for a cover art, but no snippets nor demos to give him that extra push and feel into the piece. Sigh says a lot of his work is based of his own writing as someone who rarely works on music he says he writes a lot of lyrics. However, he doesn’t think that’s bad as he believes its good to stay multifaceted in the art scene. The art scene is very intertwined and the more you learn about each type of art the more you can push your own art.

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