Fangz Museum #2 – Travis.Jpeg

Who is TravisJpeg?

Travis Jpeg is a visual cover artist who is very active in the underground scene. Starting from the the Call Of Duty Community to making alternative covers and his own personal art, Travis eventually made his way into Pixel Art And Digital Realism, described by Travis himself. Recently he has been more focused  on his Digital Realism Art Pieces, which is just as good. 
Travis has done work for big artists in the underground such as BigBabyScumBag, Yung Bans, Matt, Ox, Lil Wop, & more.

TravisJpeg has an extremely huge vault of absolutely beautiful Commissions, Alternative Covers, & Personal Work. More than I can show here. which is why TravisJpeg has a very clean designed Portfolio Page located here

TravisJpeg has even done two pieces of artwork for a fellow Fangz Team Member Emotionull. He is an extremely laid back dude and very fun to talk too. He doesn’t get annoyed when talking to him about your commission piece. I highly recommend checking out his art and maybe giving him a follow.  

His Artwork

George Condo // 2018

When I saw this one on the Timeline it really stood out to me, George Condo being one of my favorite pieces by him till this day. It’s extremely weird and out of the box, as well as out of the box for Travis, yet he still captures his overall aesthetic while being carefree in the meantime.

Alternative Cover for “Bilap” By Trippie Redd Featuring Chief Keed

Connect With TravisJpeg

Artist Portfolio


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