Fangz Museum #4 – Nick Dap

Nick Dap aka DapNick3 is on my top list for being the most unique and active artist I follow. His art style doesn’t remind me of anything else because it truly has it’s own style. Nick Dap is an artist who isn’t afraid to break standards and step out of his comfort zone. He’s been making art consistently since twelve years old, he is currently nineteen years old.

my art is trying to bridge some gap between how I’m feeling, and presenting that into an aesthetically pleasing way.

Whether that’s a nice thought about me being in a good place, or nearing an existential crisis. All are presented in the same format.

─ Nick Dap
Pen & Digital

With his intense use of uplifting and bright colors, it adds an odd twist to what you normally see in the art scene, it shows he’s really doing his own thing without the help of others. What makes it even better is that most of these if not all are made with pen and marker, of course he has the ones edited digitally which are personally my favorite.

“Self Portrait As A Gummy“
Marker & Pen

Art is an amazing form of expression either being for depression or the gratitude for being alive, that’s the amazing part of it. Everyone should give drawing a try, you may find a new hobby inside of it.

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