Fangz Museum – Andreas Levers

Andreas Levers is a Germany based photographer specializing in often minimalist, urban, landscape and architectural shots. His work has an ability to really draw you in, to make you want to explore the worlds he see’s though his lens.

I think what I like most about Levers’ work is that many, if not all, of his urban shots are devoid of people. I like that all of the focus is put onto the structures. I’m also a fan of the minimal use of color, creating stunning pieces of photography.

The work above is, I think, easily my favorite piece from Andreas. The moody atmosphere of the surroundings twinned with the empty streets create an eerie world. To me, it’s as though some world changing event has occurred, and we’re getting a glimpse into what a world would look like without human life.

I absolutely love the piece above. I love the stark contrast between what is man made and structural, to that what is totally and entirely natural. Almost like the clashing of two worlds.

All of the photography work that you have seen above were taken from Andrea Lever’s Behance, where you can find these, and many (and I mean many) more pieces from his huge portfolio!

If you’re interested in keeping up with Andreas, please check out his Twitter and Behance accounts, where all of his work can be found!

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