Fangz Museum | ArtByLid with Love

Lindsay, better known as ArtByLid, is an artist who adds a touch of love to her pieces. She often draws inspiration from Adventure Time. Her illustrations have that same element of simplicity and fun that Adventure Time does.

This first piece features cherubs that Lid referenced from an older painting [I am unsure of that painting’s title and origin]. The red used and the compassion and closeness shown between the figures gives off a feeling of comfort and love.

Love doesn’t just stop at divine beings though, it continues on to animal lovers and mushrooms. Something about these two images made my heart warm up, personally. I think it may be the gradient shading but it also might just be the placement of the hearts because it reminds me of my own love related drawings as a child.

Love also extends to harmony with two heart-heads performing a duet in the comfort of each other’s presence. This piece, I love the most from ArtByLid because of the way the blue harmonizes with the red instead of contrasting it. I’d love to see more pieces like this from her.

Check out more from her here.