Fangz Museum #6 – Davis7500

Davis is an eighteen year old artist who lives in Texas, he started making art seriously about two years ago, but overall has drawn since he was a young kid. Davis has a very organic and natural style to his art, it reminds me of an interesting twist of street art aesthetic with a Post-Impressionism type feel to his pieces.  Except that’s not just it, he mixes abstract twists into every piece, your eyes can catch something new when looking at one of his pieces. It’s as if you’re looking at an old, modern, and street art all in one. It truly blows me away. His distinct use of cartoon characters from an Anime sort of style, Graffiti style characters, and realistic looking ones, this specific part of his art draws me in a lot.

Outside The Wall
“Outside The Wall”
Paint Markers

Davis is also a self-taught artist, meaning all aspects of his art down to the last line all comes from his own head. he is 100% a unique and original artist. Davis also does graphic design for the group Forever World. He has done a TON of work for a lot of artist in the underground as well, including some big name artist such as Ugly God, BIGBABYGUCCI, & more.

Lil Gray X Goonew WIP
Lil Gray x Goonew WIP
Lil Gray X Goonew
Lil Gray x Goonew 

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