Fangz Museum | Delicacy of Dolls

We don’t often think about the artists who create 3D elements outside of sculptures such as architecture, dolls, and more. Elfgutz is one of those artists, customizing dolls into their own characters as a hobby as well as a form of therapeutic art.

They transform what are ball jointed dolls (commonly referred to as BJD). Each character they create leaves its own impression on the people they reach; some seeming soft while others seem more geared towards gore or darkness. The overall look of these characters come from a combination of pastel colors, softness, gore, and darkness.

Some of the softer looks were shown above and some more of the darker looks shown below, featuring a more horror look in the middle. Elfgutz has a very signature look to their design of BJDs. I already stated the core elements; a few others are pointed ears, bandages, and styling that would be considered alternative in our society. A favorite detail for me is the color around the eyes; usually it helps to further the expression portrayed in the faces of the dolls.

Another thing to note is that at the top of the page we have dolls that Elfgutz hadn’t really touched much yet. So looking at those and comparing them to their completed work you can see that these dolls are very complex. One doll often takes months to create; shading has to be done, additions or subtractions to the physical form of the doll has to be made to achieve certain features, piercings have to be added, clothing made, etc. A lot goes into these dolls and it is really an intricate form of artistry that they have taken up. Elfgutz always continues to evolve their doll artistry so I hope to see even more intricate designs in the future.

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