Fangz Museum – Doomsdaisy

Doomsdaisy is an artist that dives into multiple forms and styles of art, ranging from physical drawings/painting, digital artwork, & more. Her paintings take surrealism to a vibrant and fantastical level, often portraying female bodies while exploring nature and the make believe. Including her painting, Doomsdaisy dips her fingers into digital art, photography, jewelry, and videography. If you couldn’t tell there are no limits for her when it comes to creating art, always looking to create and expand her knowledge in different styles and forms. Below are a few pieces of art by Doomsdaisy and my thoughts behind them.

I enjoy these pieces as they give off an energy that really resonates with you the longer you stare at them. Doomsdaisy works each shade of green, pink and blue to give each piece depth, while the big and bright eyes stare back at you. Self love is important and I feel as if these pieces try to portray that exact message.

Louis Vuitton Wallet

This piece is a perfect example of Doomdaisy not letting a medium or object stop her from creating, as she uses a Louis Vuitton wallet and paints the menacing clown from the movie IT while giving it her own twist. I wouldn’t mind using the wallet myself.


This specific piece is titled “Succubus” which is a supernatural entity in folklore that often appears in dreams and takes a female form. Doomsdaisy takes her vibrant art style and creates her own twist on the idea.

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