Fangz Museum #23 – Emamouse

Emamouse is a mystery that some may never fully solve. Being an unknown age and from Shizuoka city, Japan, this artist really has an anonymous identity that sticks out. Making art from manga, drawing, music, and photography. Emamouse has a bizarre twist to the aesthetic they portray. I reached out to Emma recently to learn more about the work they make and as a few questions, learn more about Emamouse below.

I’ve been following Emamouse for sometime now, way before I started Fangz. I’ve always been very intrigued with the mysterious character she portrayed with the mask. The mystery really adds to the style of art she makes. Emamouse explains that when looking at other pieces of work, you don’t normally need the full story of that person to reflect on the piece.

Emamouse’s art style really varies from what they are doing. I asked Emamouse when she made the original mask, they had this to say.

“I made it in 2015 for my live show, I don’t think my real face is necessary for listening to my songs and viewing my drawings. That was the first reason, but now it has another meaning. I think my real self and Mou (mask version) are different people. Mou is my childhood self and I think “Mou”‘ pictures are like my child side. LMAO! I think my mental health may fall apart someday as this is too strange LOL!!! (For now it’s No problem at all.) ”


I asked Emamouse how she would describe her style when I reached out, I think she really captured the overall vibe within her own words.

Do you remember the scary and beautiful TV commercials and unforgettable mysterious buildings you saw in the middle of the night when you were a child? I want to express the relaxation from the heart that occurs at the same time with the deep awe and tension I felt. That is happiness for me.


Emamouse has been drawing since she was a child, however, she is doing it freely by herself. Emamouse never really followed any rules when making art, she never studied, or practiced, just made art that made her happy. Which really stood out. Emamouse admitted there are periods she did not make art for about ten years. So, she considers herself doing art seriously for about three to four years.

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