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Himomletsgo aka Jett Little is a seventeen-year old graphic artist and musician from San Diego, California whose work consists of found images, scanned images, & drawings in a collage style of art. I asked what him what his main inspiration was when it comes to creating, he mentioned how he has been really inspired by obscure hard noise/punk and hardcore fliers and tapes you often see downtown. His main tools in the digital realm is illustrator and Photoshop, with these he manipulates and sometimes draws over images in a bizarre and abstract manner. I really enjoy his color combinations and use of messages in the artwork. Being extremely vivid and mysterious, it really makes you think about what message Himomletsgo is trying to portray. Join Fangz as we explore a few of his pieces.

admiration is entertainment (digital, 2017)

When I found this piece I couldn’t stop staring at it, for some reason I’ve grown sort of attached to it. Maybe it’s the mystery behind it. Where did the original image come from? Do these odd clown beings want to absorb his energy? I have an odd feeling they are suffering deeply, as if they need some sort of emotion from anyone they can get their hands on.

I ended up asking Himonletsgo about this piece because I need to hear the full story, when explaining the piece, he mentioned how he found an old almost cursed postcard of a clown in a thrift shop. The clowns actually represent a sort of lover or admirer, so maybe I was close to right. It depends on how you choose to look at the word lover.

altered being (digital, 2018)

This piece is a perfect example of bright and vivid colors mixed with mysterious messages. I imagine this piece depicting the gatekeeper of the next dimension. Maybe even a self-portrait of the artist themselves transferring to the next dimension? I feel as if it could easily express both messages, maybe even you, the reader leaving this dimension and traveling to the altered reality Himomletsgo has created.

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