Fangz Museum #7 – Neat.

In this edition of the Fangz Museum, we’ll be exploring the incredible photography and design work of Neat.

Neat is the pseudonym of Mihailo (Michael) Mijačić. Neat currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia and is 17 years of age. Neat has been creating design work since the age of 16. He isn’t just limited to visuals however, as he began making music at the age of 14.

The Heavenly Garden

What I really like about Neat’s work is the huge variation in styles. He moves from extremely vibrant colours, to black and white, to miniature photography, and everything in between.

In Front of the Mail

Neat isn’t afraid to experiment with his work. He’s not afraid to try different styles and techniques to push his work.


I highly recommend you keep up to date with all that Neat is up to and working on. Neat also has a continuously growing collection of photography and design work, many of which are totally free!  

Find Neat on his Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and website.

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