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Nittaya Rain is a young adult from Michigan who does illustration, piano, creative writing, and digital media, as well as the main focus of this piece, SFX art. SFX stands for special effects and in short is prosthetic makeup. Nittaya is multi-talented but she was drawn to prosthetic makeup art because when she was younger she used her mother’s makeup to create fake bruising and she became influenced by Youtube tutorials on it. Her main tool for this form of art is scar wax, which she prefers over latex and cotton for numerous reasons.

Nittaya’s form of SFX art focuses mainly on gore. Her being drawn to gore specifically came from her fascination with the human body and how it can look. A majority of gore art, including that of prosthetic makeup, can be unappealing in the sense that it’s overwhelming for some people whether there’s too much “blood” or the depiction is too gruesome. Nittaya’s work can still fall under being gruesome and sometimes does feature an excess amount of “blood” but it has a gentleness about it that is appealing and even aesthetic to the eye.

I personally love the gentleness and creativity that Nittaya Rain brings to this form of art and self-expression. I never thought gore could have such a calming impact before seeing Nittaya’s work. She also uses it to express things, like above where she shows the pain that can come along with trying to reach societal beauty standards. Do you feel calmness or something more when viewing her SFX art, do you see a message in any of her pieces? Let us know on our social media and check out more from Nittaya Rain below.

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