Fangz Museum | Red Thread Connects All Love

RED THREAD CONNECTS ALL LOVE is a photograph collection, shot and creative directed by Cherish S. Witherspoon.

Witherspoon is a multi-faceted creator. Her main mediums are photography and graphic design. In this recent collection she places Rayabercrombie, as a model, into her concept. Se also models, herself, in other projects.

The project, RTCAL, uses multiple elements. These elements consist of thread, paper, a model, and some graphics design and editing. The paper seems to be old newspapers that are placed in the midground and background of the shots that they appear in. The paper seems to just give us a little something to create more depth. The thread also adds to the depth while being the main element of the entire concept. The model is another main element and the graphic design and editing sewed everything together.

Connecting the title with the collection itself helps us to better understand the concept portrayed. My interpretation is that the red strings represent love. Love, a complex thing just like the patterns and connections that the thread forms. The model basks in it for the most part but at some points seems skeptical of the thread. The model then begins to tear down the strings, leaving them loose around him. I believe this is represented of how love can be a stressor. I like the photograph where the model is portrayed twice, with his chest appearing. One image of him seems to be pulling at the strings and the other taking cover from this. I think this is my favorite from the series as it connects most to my interpretation. What’s your interpretation, take away, or feeling from the RTCAL collection? Let Cherish know via social media.

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