Fangz Museum #5 – Serowid

We’re back once again with another unique artist.

On  this edition of Fangz Museum, we take a look at the artist named Serowid, aka Sergio, Sergio lives in Tucson, Arizona. He is nineteen years old and he has made art on and off since he was a kid. In Elementary School Sergio would make Comics with his friends during school time, after taking a break from art until junior year, he returned. It wasn’t until three years ago that he has learned to take art more serious and start to appreciate it more.  Serowid grew to become a very creative and unique artist, only being able to explain his art as Experimental and Personal.

no name 

Sergio has a very enjoyable twist of raw, primal art, mixed with precision and care. His favorite medium to work with when making art would usually be Watercolor but recently he has dived into painting with oils. Sergio said he has slowly appreciated Oils more as it has taught him patience within the art.


Currently my favorite piece by him is “Bacteria Asesina” because I sense a lot of emotions in it. Including its raw yet captive image it presents, it really stood out to me when I was looking over his art. I’m grateful & excited to say an interview is coming soon featuring Sergio, where we will be learning more about his process and his thoughts on art.

Bacteria Asesina

For now however, feel free to check out more of his art via his social media pages linked below. Maybe purchase a commission piece and support him today!

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