Fangz Museum – Shelby

Shelby is a nineteen year old artist from Tucson, Arizona who has been making art since the first grade. She started taking it more serious as a hobby and interest when she was about sixteen, with that much experience you can never really expect what to see from Shelby. Her styles seem to intertwine and shine though each other in each piece. As i was talking to Shelby, she mentioned how she only really enjoys using Acrylic paint on canvas, paper or the occasional wood.

Shelby has a unique style of art because it carries a very positive and enforcing message with it. She explains her art as “Fun & Fresh.” The overall point is to romanticize the nature that surrounds you and appreciating the beauty it provides. The earth provides a lot more than just beauty, it provides you with life and moment you can go back on and remember. I feel Shelby holds strong memories and moments in her art, and you can feel it within each piece.

Out of all the art she shared with me this piece was my favorite. I feel as if it really holds a message of being carefree and the idea of loving those around you. Her color choices remind me of colors I would choose when making art. The color green and red are very strong colors, often holding more meaning than some may care to believe. How does her art make you feel? Let her know on Instagram!

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