A Bizarre Adventure with Shiori Karube

Shiori Karube is a Japanese artist who makes exceptional art. Karube does digital art as well as physical. The color palettes they sometimes use adds unique flare to the characters they draw.

There seems to be a wave of artists who are fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and do a lot of JoJo artwork. Karube is one of these people. But their mind doesn’t stop there, as you can see from their piece from The Shining. Karube can go from bizarre JoJo work and colors to calm neutral characters.

Karube draws characters as well as apartment designs. They seem to be inspired in all areas. From horror films to fun outgoing Manga to even house designs. On social media they say they are an artist who likes to draw the gloomy sides of people, though I’d say their more colorful JoJo work is reminiscent of modern pop art.

On their Instagram you can find sketches and even some comics they’ve created.

Shiori Karube has started working on making pins with their art on it, and has a t-shirt made. Though you can’t purchase any yet, you can still buy colorful commissions from Karube. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2019 and hope that they share more of their art.

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