Let Go Of Your Digital Pain With Slug Christ

“the manchild is easily controlled by demons of his own design”

Slug Christ is an artist of many talents. They draw as well as create clothes with a partner, and make music. They draw using crayon, colored pencil, and ink.

What’s so interesting about Slug‘s art is that they seem to hold a deeper, sometimes dark meaning, if that’s how you interpret it. Let’s look at the manchild photo above for instance.

The manchild seems to be talking about the average adult man being too tired to function normally and only wanting success in life. This is something everyone can relate to, dealing with so much in the daily life while being advertised a life of wealth and success. We compare ourselves to these successful people. After all, we went to school so that we could find success right? But at the cost of what?

In the digital pain photo below, Slug tweets saying “digital grain for your digital pain”.

Digital pain could be referred to different things for many different people. Though, what we can all relate to is social media as a whole. This could be a narrative on how we all use social media as a way to cope with our own personal pains in life, which vary from person to person. Whether it be venting your entire feelings on the internet for all to see, or to just get away from real life by perusing the internet, or even doing digital art. Making YouTube videos, watching Netflix, there are so many different digital grains for our many different digital pains in life.

“digital grain for hiding your digital pain”

How do you interpret Slug Christ‘s art? Let us know in the comments.

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