Fangz Museum – Teresa’s Surrealism

Teresa Lunt is an American artist, having grown up in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and held a career in computer science in California, who’s specialty is digital media. Her digital artwork focuses on imaginary and surreal images.

She uses organic and geometric shapes seamlessly together in her work, creating many characters, portraits, and still lives. Patterns are also a key aspect of her pieces and the patterns also work to create what is the subject of her pieces instead of just being used in the background. Texture is another element abundant in her work. She also often uses collage-like techniques in her work which she mainly does on her iPad Pro.

Teresa also uses other mediums, albeit, she finishes most of them digitally. Her digital touch on her traditional art along with her entirely digital pieces are all mesmerizing. Her personal style can’t be pinpointed as her creativity has no end and varies greatly. Her use of patterns in her pieces seem to tie most of them together despite each piece being so distinct. I personally hope to see more pieces, like the first two featured here, from her to see how she could evolve that specific style further.

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