FLÖRA: Minimalist Interpretations of the Plant World

TRÜF Creative is a creative studio based in Santa Monica, California, who have a project in which they create minimalist illustrations of their interpretations of various fauna and plant life.

To me, the beauty in this project is created by the huge amount of detail that TRÜF Creative are able to show in such minimal illustrations. I’m also a huge fan of the simplistic color palettes used in this project. Each composition includes black and red line work only.

Add to this the cursive writing over top annotating the various anatomical names and sections of each plant create the feeling as though these could be real, genuine vintage illustrations. Perhaps illustrations of plant life yet to be discovered?

You can find many, many more illustrations from this project on TRÜF Creative’s Behance. You can also keep up to date with the studio’s work on their Twitter, Instagram and Dribbble accounts.

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