Friends In Bad Places By Adam Zafrian

The dream world can be dark, and sometimes scary. We often consider them nightmares, or bad dreams, yet maybe they are simply our friends that are deep inside us. Adam’s new piece “Friends In Bad Places” is a horrifying world that even bravest should be afraid of visiting. His use of vibrant hot pinks and shimmering ice-cold blues give this being a sadistic look. A smile as bright as the night, yet there is no sun in sight, only darkness where these creatures reside. This specific piece by Adam was made with acrylic, polyurethane and plastic, giving it an overall chaotic and loud feeling to the artwork. I’m extremely fascinated by Adam’s work as it’s often very raw and messy. You can actually keep up with what Adam works on via his Twitter, where he also displays his messy work style.

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Friends in bad places
acrylic, polyurethane and plastic

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