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In this positive and motivating interview, I get to sit down with the graphic artist Leon. He has been making art since 2014, and he considers himself to be making professional art since 2016. Starting his art adventures with Glitch art and other trippy style visual pieces, he quickly moved to dark, eerie, almost satanic cover art he still enjoys doing to this day. Leon didn’t plan on stopping there however, he stayed motivated and continued to perfect his crafts. Over time Leon moved to the 3D Realm and the Flat Design Theory, and that’s where he is today. He enjoys making many types of art yet he is still always ready to learn more which I look up to. Including a little in-depth information on Leon, he also provides tips and advice for new artists who are looking to get into art more! We talk about upcoming industries which could be enormous for artists if they realized the skills they posses. Sit back and enjoy this amazing interview with Leonboyd.

Don’t let people bully you out of creating how you feel! Express yourself by all means!! Your true friends & family will be attracted to the energy you put out, as well as the clientele that’s just right for YOU. Never let up! Start somewhere. 🙂

— Leon

Emotionull: For the first question I’d like to ask how old you are, and when did you starting making art?

I consider myself to be an ageless light being, but in human earth years, I’m 22. I’ve been creating digitally since 2014 & professionally since 2016.

Emotionull: We’re all light beings to be honest, I agree with that. So you’re twenty two and you’ve been making art since 2014. How many different styles have you gone through during your progress to being a professional artist? Also what do you consider a professional artist?

My first expressions coming right out of high school were usually nonsensical and trippy. (Glitch art, Composition, etc.). Coming from a musical background I got into dark, eerie cover art. The edgy, nearly satanic vibes are what invoked more attention for me & is still one of my favorite feels.

I dove heavy into Google Designs “Flat Design” theory and started devoting my expression to those kinds of feels. You know, flat colors, simple shapes, and a cute drop shadow. I fell in love with Flat Design. I’ve only just recently entered the 3D realm. This is my next venture. I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a professional Artist, so I don’t really have an opinion on that subject. I would more-so consider myself a professional Graphic Designer.

(I think you just have to own the title you want and represent it to the fullest.)…. Yeah! I’m more service based, I don’t feel as if people are really buying MY art yet.

Emotionull: Right on! I feel like the glitch art scene is a really good start because it really makes you test the limits of the program you’re using and explore what it can provide for you. I can see the Flat Design theory actually being a very viable way of work for graphic designers because as google pushes that style more, more sites will adopt it and want graphics in that style. That’s very smart of you. How has the 3D realm been treating you? 

Absolutely! The Flat Design Ui is genius, the Google Design team is brilliant for pushing it. Aw man, I’m stoked for 3D! I’ll be creating experiences for virtual reality all year long. I’m so excited to see where this goes. The future is interaction so we’re focusing on bringing some smarts to the Unity platform. I’m particularly interested in the Mixed Reality world, so I’ll be hands-on for a good while! It’s exciting to see new VR experiences emerging so rapidly– it’s time to join the conversation.

Emotionull: Yes! Artists need to realize these new video game scenes are perfect markets to enter and explore, the more under your belt the better! I couldn’t agree more. I can fully see VR being a very big scene once you get more people backing it. So you’ve been through multiple styles and have explored quiet a bit of the art scene, would you have any tips for new and up coming artists?


Don’t let people bully you out of creating how you feel! Express yourself by all means!! Your true friends & family will be attracted to the energy you put out, as well as the clientele that’s just right for YOU. Never let up! Start somewhere. 🙂

Emotionull: I’m going to quote that and add it to the beginning of the interview because I truly can’t agree more. I’ve been at low points where I let people put my art and me down, you can’t let that stuff get to you as an artist or you’ll stand still.

Emotionull: How does making art make you feel on a emotional level? Does it help you relieve stress?

Absolutely all the time! Self expression, especially on a public scale, is always relieving somehow. It’s an opportunity to allow someone to take a quick glimpse into your mind. I can’t imagine that there is an artist out there that doesn’t get some type of gratification from the public recognition of their art. It makes me, personally, feel ‘not so alone’– even though life as an artist can get pretty lonely. It’s an important thing in my life to be able to see my imagination manifest on any canvas.

Emotionull: Do you add specific colors and symbols to promote specific feelings when creating art?

You know, as of recently, I haven’t been using colors & shapes in a systematic way like that! Ye though, I do have many ideas on color that I want to attack with. I do however try my best to find that RBG curve adjustment, or the Hue & Saturation tweak that fits just right for the image I’m working on. My future work will evolve around more natural palettes and earth tones! I plan to be very Kanye West, Jony Ive with it– if that makes sense…

Emotionull: I’m excited to see the new work you’ll be releasing, I really enjoy natural colors.. As an artist that makes a lot of art for others as a service, does it ever get overwhelming for you?


So overwhelming. “I’m not even going to cap”…. You really have to have a healthy work life balance. To artists: charge your worth!! Always stand on your worth. It will save you stress & time in the long run. Don’t make the mistake of under-quoting a client. If the price is “a bit too much”, them maybe that client is not the right fit! Speaking from experience. We’re expanding our team however and look forward to collaborating with artists in an effort to outsource on projects we can’t handle.

Emotionull: What are your goals for 2019 and your art?


I’m going all in. Whatever happens, happens! 🙂 (Cudi reference). I’ll be doing a lot of work with @MKBLVCREATES , innovating in the VR space and blowing minds per usual! 2019 will definitely be a landmark of growth. I feel like I have personally arrived at my new frontier, and I’m going to be standing in my power all year long. The art must bring tears to the viewers. The design will captivate & drive results. All I can say is stay tuned!!

Emotionull: Any shout outs or last words?

I just want to say thank you for having me on your platform! Shout out to every creative daring enough to pursue their dreams. I commend you. This world is cold, especially for Artists. It takes bravery to be willing to take the backlashes of society and keep creating. I hope to be an inspiration to someone out there in the art world eventually. Keep expressing yourself truthfully and the right audience will gravitate towards you. This is Le, signing off! Thank you so much for the interview. This is actually my first!!

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