Hurt People, Hurt People

Ellier is back once again creating the art we all deserve. With her new piece titled “Hurt People Hurt People” you can see that she is back creating the unrivaled art we all know and love. With this specific piece being made on a 9×9 Canvas and a thick layer of acrylic. You can see the raw emotion in this art piece. This piece seems to have roots stem from a late modernist or early postmodern type feel usually labeled as Neo-Expressionism, being one of my favorite types of art styles, this specific piece really stood out. The amazing part about art is anyone could portray it a thousand ways, what is my specific view on this piece by Ellier? I believe it describes the hard truth once you get hurt by someone, it can hurt them so bad they share this pain through others, either by choice, or without knowledge. What do you see in this piece? Share with us below in the comments.

Hurt People, Hurt People.

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