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Luna is a twenty one year old artist creating art that she describes as an extension of herself. Art can be interpreted in so many different ways, some may see sunshine and butterflies however to the artist it can be the nightmare they have lived through and now share these struggles through the art they create. I reached out to Luna as I wanted to learn a bit more about her, as I originally planned to give my thoughts on her art. We had an interesting conversation about her art and herself. I had to hear the full story of Luna. Join Fangz as we learn more about Luna the artist.

Emotionull: I’d like to know if you go by Luna as an artist, how old you are if you’re comfortable sharing, and what mediums you prefer to use. Also, how would you describe your art, what is the message you try and portray with each piece? Or does it vary?

Emotionull: I get a sense of self love with your art. I enjoy how you don’t focus on faces, and instead make the viewer look at he beauty of the body it self.

I go by Luna both as an artist and a person, I’m 21 years old and i only use Acrylic paint. Like most art it’s definitely an extension of myself– “Orange Isolation” and “Kiwi Solitude” are the first few pieces I had done when i was going through the process of taking Prozac for depression and then being re diagnosed with bipolar 2. One of the biggest factors of my depression/bipolar is that I’ve always isolated myself for long periods of time, years, and it was to the point where no one really noticed anything was wrong with me.

Take away the name and i’m sure for the average person i would to assume at first glance all they see is a beautiful image, pretty colors and fruits where they don’t belong, but for me they’re both really fucking sad.

“Is this all you see” is the most straightforward of my pieces– It’s the thought of people completely disregarding anything else but the ideal feminine body.

Is This All You See?

Onward is definitely an image of self love, how beautiful the body remains as time passes. (with inspiration from Dali.)


Emotionull: It’s nice to meet you Luna! Thank you for reaching out to Fangz, my name is Bryce or otherwise known as Emotionull. Would you consider art to be a big form of therapy when it comes to hard times? Being able to express yourself while being isolated helps me personally. I think those pieces are beautiful, and it’s interesting you say that because perception is key when it comes to art.

Emotionull: What draws you towards drawing fruit? Does this contain a specific meaning to you?

Emotionull: Also I’m very interested about your piece “Can you tell I’m dying?”

I don’t consider art to be a form of therapy at all. maybe somewhere deep down but surface wise–no. Painting is very stressful and very frustrating to me but it’s also necessary. The fruit? it’s nothing specific really– I actually have no clue why i’m so drawn to it.

“Can you tell i’m dying” and “Empty movements” are both something I don’t consider my style of art. “Empty movements” was done in a matter of hours before i started “Onward” and “Can you tell i’m dying” is the expressionism piece i decided to do before the one i’m currently working on.

I’m a perfectionist, I hate when the paint doesn’t listen to me and usually during my pieces i completely break down, but after empty movements, onward was so easy. The paint did everything i told it too, and now i’m trying to do an expressionist and just let the paint fall as it pleases before i begin any of my much larger works in order to relieve my pent up frustration.

Can You Tell I’m Dying?

Emotionull: I noticed that about those two pieces. They are very very different compared to your precise and perfected other pieces. As a perfectionist, how long does a piece usually take you?

It can be anywhere from two days to 3 weeks maybe, and that’s assuming I finish. Most of them I don’t consider perfect, just a good stopping place.

Emotionull: You say assuming you finish the piece, do you have a lot of uncompleted pieces? Also what do you think caused you to become such a perfectionist with your craft?

Too many, “Can you tell I’m dying” is actually covering a portrait I did a few months ago but completely gave up on. I’m sure there’s a lot to it but one of the biggest things is that I went through a very long period of me not painting at all. Everything you see has been a product of the last two years.

“Untitled” is actually the first painting I had done since I was 12. So even though I can paint, it’s at least in my mind not where I should be. I try to get it as “perfect” as I’m capable of at the time


Emotionull: Oh really? That makes it even more unique in my eyes. Physical layers of you if you think about it. As a big fan of expressionism I really enjoy that piece, it’s cool to see you get out of your normal style as well. Also you say since you were twelve, did you start making art at this age or sooner?

Emotionull: Also what gave you that spark to get back into painting?

I’ve always been artsy to an extent, I got my first easel when I was like 4 or something, also I’m not sure I kind of just felt like I needed to paint.

Emotionull: Were your parents very supportive of you being interested in art? Also I enjoy the honest answer, so you’ve been creating art since around the age of four, yet you took a break when you were twelve, how would you describe your arts evolution from a kid? Is your style of art intentional or did it sort of come to you over time the more you practiced?

Yeah my entire family has always been supportive of my artsy stuff, when I was like 7-9 they put me in these art classes but I hated them, I was always told I used colors wrong or drew something wrong— it just wasn’t for me so I stopped going.

When I was younger it was a lot of cartoons and birds and whatever I’m actually not even sure, for my art style, I’m not sure if it was intentional, I’d like to imagine it was just something that naturally occurred. I rarely drew in a sketch book, I wouldn’t practice— it was always kind of there.

Emotionull: Yeah I could see how being told what to do with your own art could be a little weird. I’ve always been interested in classes but oddly put off from what people tell me about it. It seems to me that you’re a natural born painter, you don’t let people tell you how to make your art, you don’t practice, that amazes me.. What inspires you? What do you often take as inspiration?

Really? It shouldn’t discourage you too much— Especially now that I’m in college classes were the only thing to get me to paint the last year or so, even then my professors wont tell me what to do, they usually just sit there as support when I get a little crazy.

Everything kind of inspires me, but I would say my emotions are the biggest thing. I’ve been told that I’m more I touch with my emotions than the average person, I’m not sure how true that is, but I would like to say that I’m able to lay them clearly on to the canvas.

Another one would be other artists, like yourself. I don’t consider what we do the same style but what you do, do is so beautiful and unattainable for me that it inspires me to try something different.

Emotionull: I’ve always had struggles with schooling, however I feel like I could def use the knowledge of taking classes for art. Sometimes I feel clueless when people talk about specific things. Also it’s good to be connected to your emotions, I feel as if artists in generally seem to be more connected with themselves compared to the average person. That may sound rude but I don’t mean it in a bad way. Artists have a lot that go through their heads. Also thank you! I agree once again, I personally am too jittery and my thoughts don’t stay steady enough to be able to do deep details and things that look almost realistic. However, people that do have these more detailed and perfected pieces inspire me a lot to try different things and find my own perfection in the paint. You mentioned earlier how you only use acrylic, do you ever plan to venture into other mediums?

Yes definitely, even though I’m in school there’s still a lot that just floats over my head, and I feel like it’s super common since we are artists that they assume we understand what they’re saying. I completely agree, to some extent our art is just a visual representation of us.

Once again I completely agree! From this I hope we grow from each others art. I can’t stress enough how in awe I am of how you paint. I truly hope to one day break free of the shackles of perfection and let the paint do as it pleases. As for mediums, the use of only acrylic isn’t intended. All mediums excite me and I hope to venture into as many as I possibly can. I’ve been told that I could probably do wonders with oil but truthfully the idea of it is a little scary to me, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

So in that I’m possibly a little too comfortable where I’m at now. Acrylic is so familiar to me, i know what brand works for me, I know how it works, how it mixes, how it drys. At this point it’s become so second nature.

Emotionull: I’m very interested to see you work with other mediums, I feel as if it could easily level up your art, however, I completely feel you with the oils, I’ve tried them once and I do not have the patience for the dry time. Lmfao. Do you have anything you can show us that you’re working on at the moment?

Yes thank you, I’ll get there eventually but for now I’m comfortable where I am. And yes but I’m not entirely ready to share it in its entirety yet. But hopefully within a week or so it I’ll be done with it!

Emotionull: Well Fangz is excited to see how you progress, and we can’t wait to see what you have to show us! 🙂 Is there anyone you’d like to shout out or mention before we wrap up the interview?

There are so many people who put up with my ridiculous artsy process of crying and being frustrated and indecisive. But truthfully there is one person, who with out them my art wouldn’t be what it is. One of my good friends Cris, an artist out of Portland, has dealt with my insanity for almost every painting I’ve done and has not only pushed me to explore what else I can do with my art but also to just keep going when I’m ten seconds from giving up. When i say that his influence is one of the biggest aspects of my art, it’s definitely true– so a big S/O to cris.

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