Is Your Soul Evil Or Good?

The deep hidden parts of the brain that may influence behavior and your thoughts is there at all times, yet do we know what it truly looks like? Is it here for us, or is it against us? Veinsplanet shows what the soul can truly look like, as it exits the being from the nose, it holds a much scarier form then some may have assumed. You’re now looking into your own empty and blank eyes, you become aware that this half of your soul is the dark and negative thoughts you have. What are you going to change?

I enjoy Veins art due to the dark and demonic style he tends to lean towards. It makes me wonder what is truly inside his head. The amount of detail he provides in each piece really adds to the overall style of his work as well, usually working with black ink and some form of red coloring.

Find more art from Veinsplanet here.

Piece Of Soull

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