It’s Okay To Not Be Okay with TypeOneSteven

How are you? No, really… how are you?

An artist and user on Twitter by the name of Steven, or @typeonesteven, has put out these four pieces with the caption How are you? No, really… how are you?
Let’s examine and talk about it.

This ties into the saying we all know, ‘they ask you what you’re doing but never how you’re doing.’ Or even, that we feel when people as how we are doing, they don’t really want the real answer.

As we can see from the first two images below, they seem to be going through different things. The first one on the left seems to have ‘ghosts’ surrounding them, that perhaps only they can see and hear. Perhaps a narrative on our ‘inner demons’ in our heads. It also may seem like the right side of their face is melting off.

For the second piece on the right, you see he is hollow. Perhaps this is not what we see with our naked eyes, but what he sees in himself when he looks in the mirror. How he feels. Does he know who he really is? What’s eating him up inside?

Now looking at the two last photos below, they too have their own problems. The left image seems to be fading away. There, but not really there at the same time. Perhaps life feels like a dream, not real. That when you speak to them they seem slightly out of it. And now to the right last image, there seems to be more than the other three people had. Not only is he hollow and empty inside, but he is damaged and broken. The flowers around him could indicate that he is pretending everything is alright, or that it is the only thing that brings him some light. A flower.

Now, this is all really dark I know. Probably upsetting. But let’s look back at the caption for these photos.

How are you? No, really… how are you?

This is a genuine question. They really want to know. What these four faces have in common is they are bottling their negative emotions up inside. They are suffering alone.

They don’t have to. You don’t have to. What you’re feeling is real, and someone is out there to listen to you. Even if it’s just a page and a pen. Releasing your emotions in a positive way will help you more than you know. Whether it be; creating art, writing, talking to someone, making a YouTube Video, exercising, dancing, even seeing a professional.

This is a reminder that it is okay to not be okay, and not to bottle things up. And remember, you’re not the only person going through something, you’re not alone in this.

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